First Impressions: The Shoe Insoles You Can Wear on a Bike or to the Office

Doctor Insole
Doctor Insole

Sometimes you need a little extra support in your step. Depending on the insole and your feet, you can give your step a boost by getting some extra comfort and stabilization, and even helping to prevent injuries.

If you’re always on the go, have a job where you’re standing or walking a lot, or love getting out and going for a run, an insole might be a good option for you. But it can be tough to track down an insole that fits the bill, so we took a few steps in a pair to see how they held up. Here are some of our first impressions of the Men’s FitStep insole.

What It Is: The Men’s FitStep insole from Doctor Insole is what’s known as an orthotic insole. You can slip them in your shoes to help give you some extra control of your feet. You can also stick them in your running shoes, hiking boots, sports-related footwear, or just the shoes you wear to work each day. If you have trouble finding insoles or shoes in your size, don’t worry: The insoles, which are made with a polypropylene shell along with some memory foam, come in a wide range of sizes, from size 5 all the way to size 16. Plus, they’re specifically made to work for more adventurous activities from hiking and cycling to running or playing other sports.

Why We Like It: The FitStep insole felt comfortable once our foot got used to it. During our time testing them, we wore them for a few long walks, running sessions, and a bike ride. The insoles gave our feet some solid support and didn’t make it feel like our shoes were on too tight, which can be a drawback for some other insoles. We felt in control of our steps moving at fast speeds, and we didn’t feel or notice any shock impact from our feet hitting the ground. The bottom line: For our feet, the insoles felt versatile and comfortable enough that we left them in our shoes and kept wearing them around town. But of course it’s best to test a pair out yourself before committing to wearing them every day.

Nitpick: While it’s by design, since they start forming to your foot once you start wearing them, the insoles can be a bit uncomfortable at first. It definitely gets better as time goes on, which is a positive part of having the insoles, but it may feel a bit awkward in the beginning stages.


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