Ripton & Co. Introduces Tech ‘Jorts’ for Mountain Biking

ripton & co
Photo: Courtesy of Ripton & Co./BIKE Magazine

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We see you rolling your eyes out there. Just like when you first heard of Pit Viper sunglasses. “Get real,” you said. Well, fair enough. If you see someone out there on the trail wearing a pair of Pit Vipers and sporting a mullet, then yes, there’s a good chance that person may indeed need to get real. But some of the realest riders out there are just rocking whatever was in the hamper, up to and including jean shorts. All the important things happen when you’re standing up anyway. Whether intentional or not, a pair of cut-offs shows an irreverence that’s all too rare in mountain biking. Problem is, they’re really uncomfortable.

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ripton &co
There’s a women’s cut available in sizes 2 thru 10 (25 thru 30). Photo: Courtesy of Ripton & Co./BIKE Magazine

Enter Ripton & Co. The Colorado-based brand is taking the ultimate in low-tech butt-coverage and making it high-tech. Or at least mid-tech. It is still technically denim, and still has what appears to be the same cut as jeans have had since Levi Strauss first set thread to needle. But they use a 4-way stretch material and, according to the rather tongue-in-cheek press release we just got, they’re “gusseted with taint-cooling technology.” Sure. There appears not to be a dedicated panel at the crotch designed to avoid the quadruple-stacked folds that meet at that rather crucial junction, which is one of a few reasons why jeans are not ideal for cycling, but we haven’t gotten our hands on a pair yet, so we’ll reserve judgement.

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ripton &co
The 4-way stretch denim ought to make the Ripton Tech Jorts more tech than jort. Photo: Courtesy of Ripton & Co./BIKE Magazine

One thing we’re sure of is that Ripton & Co is not simply reaping the harvest after Marie Kondo convinced the world to shed its joyless acid-washed memories. The brand took three years to land on the material, form and factory that would produce what is, for now, Ripton’s one and only product. That factory happens to be in Los Angeles, making these blue jeans doubly American. They are available in men’s and women’s, and hemmed or raw-cut. And impressively, they are available in one-inch increments, from 27 to 36. Though you do pay for that quality. A pair of Ripton & Co Tech Jorts will run you $90.

ripton &co
Ooh, is that a patch kit? Photo: Courtesy of Ripton & Co./BIKE Magazine

We’ve got a few on their way to testers, so we’ll let you know if they need to get real.

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