Roku Unveils Its Own Streaming Stick

Roku main

Yesterday, Roku threw down the gauntlet at tech giant Google by unveiling its own streaming stick, aptly named the Roku Streaming Stick (available in April).

The old Roku 3 box costs twice as much as the new stick, which will set you back only $50. The slimmed down version fits neatly into your HDMI slot, like a Google Chromecast.

The differences between the two, many have pointed out, are small but stark. Roku has a remote; Chromecast, you have to control everything from your computer/tablet/phone. Roku also supports more apps than Google’s stick, which excels at the basics like Neflix, Hulu Plus, and HBO Go. But the Chromecast is $15 cheaper than Roku’s stick, which comes with a $35 price tag.

I personally can’t live without my Chromecast (or not for long anyway), but I’ll look forward to seeing how different Roku’s stick really is when it drops in April.

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