Rolling With the Onewheel+

Consider 2017 the year of the Onewheel+.

Turn the motor-powered board on with the press of a button, secure your helmet, and hop on carefully. Once you’re up and balancing, all you have to do is lean to go where you want to go and let it rip. To go up a hill? Lean into it. To slow down? Back off. To stop? We’re not the best ones to ask, but we found it’s probably easiest to just jump off with both feet and hope for the best.

The brand claims a rider can cruise to 19 mph and, according to its website, you can make it up to five miles. We weren’t confident enough to push it quite that quick or have enough time to ride that far, unfortunately. The gear works alongside an app, and you can even track your route and more afterwards. At first we didn’t know what we’d think of it, but on our short ride in Central Park this week, we were immediately sold. All we wanted to do for the rest of the day was ride anywhere and everywhere — and hopefully not run into a pedestrian or wipe out in front of our Facebook Live audience. It was clear we weren’t alone in loving this thing. In the park a man came over to us while we were mid-ride and asked something like, “Is that the new one?” 

When we met up with the Onewheel guys, they told us they recently hit traffic when they were sitting in a cab. Luckily they all planned ahead and had a Onewheel+ on hand and hopped out of the car. That afternoon we found ourselves in a similar situation, wishing there was a fifth wheel on board, too.

The price: It’s more than $1 and less than $2,000, but you need this One. []

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