Is This the Smartest Suitcase for Savvy Travelers?

Rollogo suitcase
Rollogo suitcaseCourtesy Image

The Rollogo suitcase’s design makes accessing your gear easier—but an even better feat is how it actually charges your tech on the go. Little generators built into the wheels power an internal battery as you walk to the gate. Finally, all that traipsing through the airport is a good thing.



Here are some of our favorite features.

Juice Bar

A wire, connected to the wheels, ports into a rechargeable and removable battery in the upper compartment, which stores the energy made by the rolling casters. Once juiced, the TSA-compliant 8,000­mAh power pack will recharge two devices simultane­ously, and has enough power to revive an iPhone about four times or a full­size MacBook once.

Smart Storage

While the battery is the star, the organization inside the Roll­ogo is just as useful. A magnetic outer flap keeps magazines within easy reach, while a zippered compartment conceals sleeves for a 16-­inch laptop and a smaller tablet. Your tech is always accessible, even while the bag is upright, and the sleeve pulls out quickly for screening.

Power Move

When the wheels are moving at an average walking speed, they generate about as much power as a 1­amp wall adapter plugged in for the same amount of time. If you find the airport golden ticket—an available wall outlet—you can plug the power pack directly into the outlet, then throw it into any bag as backup during excursions.

Bonus: The app notifies you when the bag moves or is out of Bluetooth range of your smartphone.


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