Ruby Slider Reviews: Protecting Your Home Has Never Been Easier

Ruby Slider
Ruby Slider

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Security systems are a great way to protect our homes from external threats, but it’s important to protect our homes on the inside, too. Keeping the interior of our homes safe from natural wear and tear will keep our families (and our homes) happy.

We take pride in our floors, and it’s disheartening to see how they’ve been tarnished over the years. Whether we’re moving into a new house or rearranging furniture for a party, we want to prevent our hardwood floors from being bashed and smashed. Have no fear—Ruby Sliders are here to protect our furniture and floors from collisions.

Ruby Sliders help protect your home with their sleek, flexible design and a nano weave felt bottom that’s guaranteed to withstand the test of time. Ruby Sliders save us time and money while moving heavy furniture that could take the life out of our floors.

Save Money and Protect Your Home From the Inside Out

The reviews don’t lie: people love Ruby Sliders. Their durable design fits furniture legs of any shape or size.

Normal sliders look like coasters and sit under our furniture. Ruby Sliders are built differently. They directly attach to furniture, and they won’t come off unless we remove them. This makes it incredibly easy to move furniture from place to place—without worrying about losing your sliders.

Ruby Sliders stick to our furniture like glue without taking away from its beauty. With a design this stunning, it’s hard to believe that there are even better features of the Ruby Slider. Just wait until you see the extra care Ruby Sliders puts in to make their products durable and easy to use.

This felt won’t slip off over time or wear down until it’s useless. Instead, Ruby Sliders noiselessly glide over surfaces regardless of furniture weight, making them gorgeous and convenient.

Ruby Sliders maintain the integrity of your floors without being an eyesore. We don’t even notice they’re there, but we do notice that our floors and surfaces remain immaculate.

You’ll never worry about scuffing floors again when you buy Ruby Sliders!

Ruby Sliders Make It Easy to Move with Strength and Durability

Some of life’s most beautiful milestones come alongside a move—buying your first home, your first apartment with your partner, or moving your kids into their college dorm. Don’t ruin the moment by ruining your floors.

Ruby Sliders make moving even the heaviest item simple thanks to their nano weaving technology and flexible grasp. You’ll never need movers again when you have Ruby Sliders.

Ruby Sliders makes all the difference when we want to rearrange our furniture but our extra-large dresser won’t budge. These sliders help us move furniture effortlessly throughout our homes, without damaging the furniture or the floors in the process.

With Ruby Sliders, you’ll never misplace your sliders at the worst possible moment again. These fuss-free, flexible attachments will stay on, no matter what.

By saving your floors from pesky collisions and scrapes, we save thousands of dollars in repairs. Now, we can put that money towards the important things in life.

Ruby Sliders are super simple to use, praised for their easy application, and let us save time while saving our floors.

Ruby Slider
Ruby Slider

Invest in Your Floors (and Your Home) With Ruby Sliders

Ruby Sliders are sold in bulk packaging, meaning we get more while spending less. Just one purchase helps us cover tons of furniture—and it’s way cheaper than purchasing a new rug to cover ugly gashes in our floors.

Ruby Sliders’s high quality and durable design create a luxury product at a great price, easily beating the cost of repairs. Best of all, they’re noiseless, painless, and let us move furniture with minimal strain. We’ll never move without them again!

Caring for hardwood floors can be extremely difficult and time-consuming, and it often feels like a hopeless endeavor. Thanks to Ruby Sliders, those thankless days are over.

Ruby Sliders makes anything possible by protecting your floors and surrounding surfaces, so your hardwood stays spotless. We can drag chairs across the room without a scratch, taking the floor-induced anxiety out of social gatherings. Make way for a dance floor or pull up a chair at dinner without any stress.

It’s not just your hardwood floors that can reap the benefits of Ruby Sliders. When we place Ruby Sliders on our kitchen chairs, we don’t have to worry about tarnishing surrounding cabinets when they collide.

How much do we love Ruby Sliders? We can’t count the ways! There are innumerable ways these sliders save your floors and surfaces every day without sacrificing style or quality. You’ll be amazed at how Ruby Sliders move the heaviest items in your home!

What are you waiting for? Visit Ruby Sliders’s website today!

Don’t Make a Sound: How Ruby Sliders Minimize Noise

Like nails on a chalkboard, chairs scraping across the floor are a constant reminder of the myriad ways our floors are destroyed every day. Moving furniture can be a noisy business, and your floors and surfaces pay the price. Ruby Sliders stop the noise because your floors are finally protected.

Revel in the sound of silence when you put Ruby Sliders on your furniture. The felt bottom fastened to the bottoms of our furniture legs let us glide our furniture wherever our heart desired. The flexible material ensures our sliders stay in place, so we can be confident that they’re only moving when we want them to move.

Minimize unwanted noise from chairs being pushed around your house while knowing your floors are protected.

Ruby Sliders Are Here to Protect You and Your Furniture

We could talk for hours about how much we love Ruby Sliders, but if we had to pick one takeaway, it would be that they’re so reliable. Ruby Sliders can even be reused, so we can take them off our old furniture and attach them to our new pieces. Don’t overlook this handy slider’s versatility!

Moving furniture can be a daunting task that requires multiple people and hours of concentration. Ruby Sliders can reduce that time and effort, and we don’t have to worry about tearing up our floors in the process either.

Ruby Sliders are a cult favorite we never knew we needed, but they’re our new favorite household item. They save us money and stop us from accidentally ruining our floors, surfaces, and furniture. Now that’s what we call a win-win.

Ruby Sliders are the next generation of sliders that will change your entire look on moving furniture—buy yours today!


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