Running Sunglasses That Check Every Box

Nike Vision

The NikeVision Show X-2 looks like a decent pair of running shades — light with an athletic sort of shape. After just a few miles with them on, however, we found our new favorite running accessory. Every aspect — the weight, padding at the nose, tint, flex — is right. We’ve stopped reaching for any other shades when heading out to sweat in the sun.

The first thing we noticed was the featherlight frames; they’re one of the most comfortable we’ve worn. They sit lightly on the bridge of the nose, and the soft, plastic bridge stays put — without pinching — even after 10-plus sweaty miles. Take them off, and there’s no tell-tale red welt, either.

The lenses may be the most impressive part of these shades. Two runners in the office thought they actually saw better wearing the sunglasses — and not just because the lenses were effective at filtering glare (which they were). The lens is just the right shade — not too dark or oddly tinted — that it seems to hyper-focus and sharpen your eyesight by letting your eyes relax (or so it seems to us; we’re editors, not opthamologists).

Finally, the Show X-2s are unobtrusive. That’s a big compliment in a category of sunglasses that typically scream “loud, proud runner” with ultra-sporty shapes, bright colors, and odd designs. These are sporty, sure, but when we found ourselves wearing them out in casual clothing (to be honest, they’re so light, you forget you’re wearing them), no one looked twice.

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