Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 Has Iris-Scanning Security, a Built-in GIF Factory, and More


Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7, a tablet-phone hybrid with 64 GB of storage, boasts even more screen real estate than the iPhone 6 Plus — 6.04 by 2.91 inches versus Apple’s 5.4 by 2.6 inches. Not only does it stand out for its size, but for the aesthetics of its curved screen as well. The Note 7 very much resembles the Note 5 with spaceship-like edges.

If you want to pick this device up with AT&T service, you’ll pay $29.34 per month for five years or $36.67 per month for two years. In either instance, you’ll spend a total of $880. Through T-Mobile, you’ll pay $69.99 up front and $32.50 per month for two years, totaling $850. Sprint and Verizon haven’t yet revealed any pricing details.

The Note 7’s size and appearance aren’t the only things that differentiate it from its high-powered electronic brethren. What follows is a list of some of the rare or never-before-seen features that it puts right into your oversized pants pocket.

It has an iris scanner.
Unlike a device PIN code (which can be hacked) or a fingerprint scanner (which can be tricked), the Galaxy Note 7 is the first Samsung device to include a biometric security system that scans the irises of your eyes with a near-infrared scanner. Only if your eyeballs are registered as a confirmed user will you be able to access someone’s device. The era of Minority Report-style technology is upon us.

There’s a native GIF-making app.
Regardless of how you pronounce it, everyone loves the .GIF file format. The Note 7 comes with a new native app that makes it a snap to turn anything on your smartphone’s screen into an animated GIF to share with your friends.

It uses a previously unreleased type of screen glass.
Corning is a company known for smartphone screens. Its line of Gorilla Glass is rather the gold standard for scratchproof, shatter-resistant displays. The company has released new iterations of its glass every two years or so, and Gorilla Glass 5 makes its first appearance in the Note 7. This glass is specially designed to survive drops from above a meter, which is where most drops are bound to occur.

The Secure Folder safely stores sensitive files for you.
Sometimes you’ve got a file or piece of media that doesn’t need to be shared far and wide. Details on the Note 7’s specialized Secure Folder are scarce, but you might consider it your safety deposit box for files that need to be kept secure.

It’s nearly waterproof.
The Note 7 has an “ingress protection rating” of IP68, which means it is rated a 6 for protection against dust and an 8 for protection against water — 10 being the top rating. To put this into practical terms, the device can reportedly be submerged in 5 feet of water for 30 minutes and still function perfectly fine. It’s as rough-and-tumble-ready as it is big.

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