Suck It Up, Buttercup: Save 66%—That’s $800—Off a Samsung Robot Vacuum Cleaner

samsung robot vacuum

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If you ever wished you could afford a maid to come around and clean your filthy place up once in a while, well, we can’t help you there. But here’s the next best thing. Right now, you can save 67 percent on a Samsung POWERbot Robot Vacuum, direct from Samsung.

Normally $1,199, it’s marked down to $699. That’s $500 off, and a great deal. But for a limited time, enter the code 8XQEAGOQQ at checkout and Samsung will knock $300 off that sale price! That means you can get a $1,199 high-tech robot vacuum for the astonishing price of $399. That’s $800 off!

samsung robot vacuum

Robot Vacuum: Remarkable Value, Remarkable Machine

If you’ve never seen a robot vacuum in action, rest assured it’s marvelous. It’s strong enough to pick up pet hair, dust, granules, dirt, and mud—just pick up your floor before you turn it on, because the POWERbot will suck it right up. Like us, you’ll probably be grossed out at the amount of crap that settles on your floor on a weekly basis. It’s disgusting.

That said, we don’t know how we ever lived without one. it’s amazing. We used to have to push the vacuum cleaner around the house every couple (okay, few) weeks. Not anymore. We just run the POWERbot. Our upright vacuum is tucked away in a closet; haven’t touched it in months.

In fact, using the app we have a cleaning schedule set up. Every day while we’re at work and the kids are at school, the POWERbot rolls around the apartment, sucking up nastiness and dirt off the floor.

samsung robot vacuum

At least, it seems that way; we rarely see the thing in action. When we come home, the robot vacuum is resting in its cradle, charging peacefully after a hard day’s work. The rug has little tracks in it, so we know it’s been vacuumed. The floor looks clean, and the place smells great.

The hardest part is remembering to dump the trap once in a while. It’s disgusting how quickly it fills up with dirt and dust. And Cheerios.

Actually, that’s not true; the app tells us when the dirt trap is full and it’s time to dump it out. The hardest part about owning a POWERbot is remembering to make sure shoelaces, rubber bands, hair ties, and other items that might get tangled in its rollers are off the floor before we leave in the morning.

Because it absolutely will suck them up. Once in a while, we get a notification on your phone, telling us the POWERbot has stopped. When we get home that evening, 99 times out of 100 it’s tangled in a shoelace.

samsung robot vacuum

Robot Vacuum: Better Than Ever

Oh, we know the knocks on automatic robot vacuums. When these devices were first released they were notorious for being wonky and unreliable, dragged down by suspect battery life and meager suction power. You ended up having to vacuum the old-fashioned way anyway.

Not anymore. The POWERbot boasts 70x more suction than other robot vacuums on the market, and the Visionary Mapping uses sensors to determine where it is, where it’s been, and where it still needs to go.

In the past, robot vacuums would fall down stairways or get caught and confused when they tried to roll up onto rugs from hardwood floors or linoleum and tile. And vice-versa. The POWERbot is perfectly capable of cleaning all types of floors, and going from one-floor surface to another without missing a beat.

So even if you can’t afford a regular maid, you can afford a robot vacuum. Just pick up the Samsung POWERbot Robot Vacuum. It’s marked down $500 right now, and if you use the code 8XQEAGOQQ at checkout, you can take another $300 off that price. That’s a total of $800 off.

Look, if you can save $800 on anything, you should consider getting it. Just on principle. Considering you can save that kind of money on this life-changing, remarkable, fantastic automatic vacuum cleaner, it’s really a deal you can’t afford to pass on. Get yours today.

Get It: Save 67% on the POWERbot Robot Vacuum ($399; was $1199) at Samsung


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