Seven Brain Games for Your Smartphone

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Your phone is the last bastion of entertainment when you’re stuck waiting, well, anywhere. But refreshing your Facebook news feed or sending Snapchats of your best “I’m bored” face will occupy your mind only for so long. Believe it or not, there’s a better way to pass the time: brain games. They’re apps designed to increase your mental acuity while feeding your need for mindless entertainment. Try a few out on your morning commute and watch your productivity skyrocket.

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Brain Age Game
This app tests your brain age and memory performance through several touch-controlled brain-training tests, including those that analyze your reflexes and ability to concentrate.
Price: Free

Find Differences 
Challenge your attention to detail while trying to spot the differences between two similar pictures.
Price: Free

Memory Trainer
Use this app to improve your spatial and working memory, focus, and concentration skills. The best part: Your progress is charted on a graph.
Price: Free


Designed by neuroscientists, this app creates a personalized training program to help you improve your weak point, whether that’s memory, attention, or multitasking.
Price: Free

Clockwork Brain
Solve fun, innovative puzzles while training your brain. Each game challenges its own set of cognitive abilities.
Price: Free

Window’s Phone

Training Your Brain
Improve your brain’s strength with rapid-fire math. It’s more fun than you’d think. 
Price: Free

Brain Challenge
Boost your brain in five categories—visual, memory, logic, math, and focus—by working through 43 challenging mini-games.
Price: $4.99

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