Shoes: Golfer Gift Guide

Photograph by Michael Pirrocco

True golf junkies don’t just have one pair of shoes for the course. If they are anything like us, they keep three or four in rotation and are already shopping for the next pair on the sly. But many golf shoes are now more versatile — and are not accessories that can only be worn on the course. Puma’s BioDrive help the player maintain balance during a swing but are also great the gym — perfect for for a pre-round medicine workout.  ECCO’s BIOM Hybrid 2 look like street sneakers but provide 800 traction points to help provide golfers more stability, while yak leather uppers help keep feet dry in wet weather. The Adidas Tour 360 BOA lets the player forgo laces with a binding style closure — no more falling into the trunk of you car while you try to tie your shoes in the parking lot.  For the player who likes to sneak in a round before (or during) work, the Nikes Lunar Clayton’s wingtip look and subtle traction points provide a stealth affect so the boss wont notice when your golfer rolls in 20 minutes late.  
[$250; Lunar Clayton –]