The Bike Lock That Punishes Thieves

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Bike thieves are about to face a challenge unlike anything they've ever encountered, thanks to a new bike lock that we cannot believe is real but somehow actually appears to be. 

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It’s called the SkunkLock, and it’s a U-shaped lock that’s made of steel and carbon and sprays gas on any horrible human who dare try to steal your shit while you’re sitting in your cubicle or quickly grabbing a six-pack. “It’s pretty much immediately vomit inducing, causes difficulty breathing. A lot of similar symptoms to pepper spray,” SkunkLock co-inventor Daniel Idzkowski told The Guardian

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Cyclists have tons of options when it comes to reliable, well-built locks to keep their wheels safe. But as far as we know, none of the heavy-duty U locks we've tried, including our own, take it to this level. “It could be the last lock you ever buy,” Idzkowski says in the Indiegogo video. You know, maybe it’s finally time to upgrade our coil lock.

[Available June 2017, from $109;]

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