The Sleekest, Top-of-the-Line Sport Sunglasses

Main the sleekest top of the line sport sunglasses

The sleekest top-of-the-line sports shades on the market all have blaze-orange lenses, vented frames, and minimal frame border. Why? It’s not just to look cool.

1) EvoShield EvoScopes

2) Zeal Optics Rival Team Edition

3) Nike Skylon Ace XV R

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You’ll See Better

Aside from being eye-catching on a hot summer’s day, orange-tinted lenses have a distinct advantage, especially in low light. “These provide increased contrast in low to medium light, so the user can see amplified light and perceive shadows and highlights better,” says Steve Tripi, Nike Vision/Marchon Eyewear’s marketing director. So next time you hope to smash a ball out of the park, wear orange-tinted lenses—you’ll actually see it better.


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The Lenses Won’t Fog Up

With their lack of breathability and sweat-inducing design, normal sunglass frames can heat up your face and cause your lenses to fog. Not vented frames. “Vented frames reduce fogging on the back of the lens that’s created when you generate excessive heat performing an activity but the front surface of the lens is being cooled by wind or speed,” says Tripi.


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You’ll See More, Too

The lack of a frame below the lens provides an obvious bonus: You can see more. “Semi-entrapped lenses offer a greater field of view with less distraction,” says Tripi. “Take golf, where you might be looking through the bottom of the lenses, or baseball, where the game has stimuli on the ground and in the sky. Not having that added frame lets you see more surface.”

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