Sneak Peek: An Exclusive Look at BMW’s Sleek, Sexy Concept 8 Series

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The BMW Concept 8 Series unveiled here on the shores of Italy’s Lake Como is more than just a flashy, pie-in-the-sky concept car. The Concept 8 is appropriately sleek and sexy, but more importantly, the long, sharklike coupé is remarkably close to the production car that will hit showrooms next year.

“The BMW Concept 8 Series is our take on a full-blooded high-end driving machine,” says Adrian van Hooydonk, the Senior VP of BMW Group Design. What words don’t quite capture is the effect: the slope of the nose, the subtlety of the surfacing, the imposing stance. The concept recalls BMW’s 8-Series of yore, a high-dollar coupe that was produced between 1989 to 1999. The former 8-Series boasted sharp edges and angular bodywork, which was an evolution of the so-called “Sharknose” 6-Series coupes.

Boasting plenty of sculptural scoops and intakes for engine cooling and aerodynamics, the Concept 8 Series also distinguishes itself with a kidney grille that departs from BMW’s signature shape. Spreading wider across the car’s nose with an unbroken frame, the grille looks like a deep breather that will scoop plenty of atmosphere as it moves through space. BMW hasn’t yet indicated what powerplants will motivate the 8-Series, but don’t be surprised if the engines aren’t far off from the turbo 6-cylinder and 8-cylinder engines that power the 6-Series models that this car will replace.

Futuristic minimalism rules the interior, which features a delightful dearth of buttons and switches. With most functionality going through the wheel and touchpad-driven iDrive system, expect the upcoming 8-Series to have deep menus displayed on the centrally positioned multimedia screen. Adding a bit of flair to the cabin are plenty of aluminum surfaces and red anodized paddle shifters that echo the theme carried through to the red seatbelts.

BMW hasn’t released pricing info on their upcoming 8-Series, but we expect the sexy four-passenger coupe to command beaucoup bucks when it drops in 2018.

Join Senior VP of BMW Group Design Adrian van Hooydonk for a guided tour of the new BMW Concept 8 Series at the Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este.

Posted by Men’s Journal on Thursday, May 25, 2017

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