Sorry, Early Adopters, It’s Time to Toss Out Your Old Apple Watch

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Apple is poised to announce the iPhone 7 on September 7. While details on the new device are scarce and entirely unconfirmed, you ought to know by now that it doesn’t stop the tech press from working themselves into a violent thrum teasing out every rumor until Apple validates or invalidates them. However the launch plays out early next month, the seventh generation of Apple’s ubiquitous smartphone is bound to look a lot like the sixth, just with more stuff you didn’t know you wanted. It feels a little played out. If you want to pay attention to a more exciting source of technology rumor and speculation, you need to be looking at the Apple Watch.

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Released in April 2015, Apple’s first-generation wearable gadget took the public by storm, so you can rest assured there’s going to be a lot of thought going into its 2.0 revamp. It will reportedly be released “later this year,” and here’s the buzz on what tech pundits and analysts are expecting it to bring with it.

It might have a two-lens camera.
Already expected on the iPhone-7-to-come, an Apple patent outlines how a higher-quality two-lens camera system can be adapted to work on your wristwatch. The perpetual disclaimer on patents, however, is that companies like Apple will file patents often, whether or not they ever intend to implement them.

It might be GPS-enabled.
Forget pulling out your smartphone and firing up Google Maps to figure out where you are — the second-generation Apple Watch is rumored to be able locate you at a glance.

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It might have a barometer.
A barometer simply measures air pressure, but the data it generates can be used to determine someone’s altitude. If Apple includes a barometer in the watch, it will be indispensable for athletes who want to measure their climbs and descents, whether by foot or by bike.

It’s expected to be more waterproof.
Swim with your fantasy gadget? Why not? A more water-resistant Apple Watch leaves you less worried about drops, spills, or even just the weather.

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Better battery life is on the way.
Most Apple Watch wearers have to recharge at the end of the day, adding yet another thing you have to charge at night. If Apple can implement a less power-intensive chip — as many suspect it will — Apple will be able to punch through the one-day battery barrier.

It will not have a wireless LTE connection.
Those looking to replace their smartphone entirely with a watch will have to wait to do so. Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo says an Apple Watch with its own data connection won’t be on the consumer radar until next year.

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