Ease Your Snoring—This Awesome Humidifier Is Nearly 75% Off Right Now

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Winter is coming, and and that means dry nasal passages—and increased complaints about our snoring. We admit it: Our snoring can be a big problem around the house, particularly when the weather turns cold and our sinuses dry out.

One thing that always relieves our sinuses and helps us stop snoring is sleeping with a humidifier in the bedroom. And right now we’re looking at this KOIOS Mooka ST800 Humidifier that’s on sale at Amazon. We’re thinking about pulling the trigger and getting it today. Not just because it’s a great little portable humidifier, but because a deal this amazing will not last.

An Incredible Deal

The Mooka is small (only 13 inches high) and powerful, with three mist levels. It’s easy to use and clean, and it’s super-quiet, too. But best of all, right now it’s a full $100 off at Amazon. That’s right: A small but mighty room humidifier that normally runs $160, marked down to just $60. That’s 63 percent off.

But it gets even better—and that’s why we’re going to jump on this deal: Right now the ST800 currently has an “Extra 30 Percent Off” coupon. So in addition the the hundred bucks off, right now we can get another $18 off the sale price.

That brings the total cost way down to an astonishing $42. That’s nearly 75 percent off the regular price! But even if these Amazon sales last, those “extra” coupons never do. That’s why we’re going to take this deal today.

stop snoring humidifier

If you’re still surviving with that old, dirty, noisy (and massive!) unit you’ve been using for years, upgrade instead to this powerful, portable KOIOS Mooka ST800 Humidifier. With a 4L (one gallon) capacity, it has a running time between 14-20 hours (depending on the rate you select) and can cover a room of 431-538 sq. ft. That’s big enough for most bedrooms, and long enough for a peaceful night of quiet, smooth sleep—for everyone.

It’s also great for living rooms, baby rooms—any air-conditioned or climate-controlled room where the moisture levels are monitored. The Mooka’s built-in, four-stage filtration system easily prevents limescale and minerals from spreading to the air. The built-in timer is great, too: you can set it to run for specific times, or set it to automatically shut off if you frequently forget to turn it off in the mornings before going to work.

It’s got easy-touch buttons you can control with just a tap, and three mist settings for personalized service. And the fan is ultra-quiet; it rates just 35dB on high. So everyone gets to sleep uninterrupted. Best of all, it had a humistat, which allows you to set the Mooka ST800 to your desired humidity level, and forget it.

Humidifiers ease snoring and relieve dry nasal passages, but they have many other benefits beyond cutting down on snoring:

  • Moisturize Dry Skin and Hair: Humidity can help relieve your dry skin and lips, as well as prevent brittle, dull hair. This is especially true in winter months, when the air can be extremely dry;
  • Breathe Better: Not only can a humidifier help with dry sinuses and airways, it can also reduce allergy and asthma symptoms;
  • Athletic Recovery: Research has found that an-ions in the air can promote cell metabolism, recovery from exhaustion, and improve your rest and appetite;
  • Home Decor Helper: Moisture added to the air by a humidifier can benefit your home, too; Wallpaper, wood floors, and delicate furniture are less likely to crack or peel with moisture in the air. Additionally, it can give your beloved houseplants a more vibrant look by preventing them from drying out.

So if you want to stop snoring, jump on this incredible deal on the powerful and portable KOIOS Mooka ST800 Humidifier today. You’ll get $100 off, but be sure to click the Coupon button (if it’s still there, that is) and you’ll get another 18 bucks off. Normally $160, you can get it right now for just $42.

Get It: Save $118—that’s 72%—on the KOIOS Mooka ST800 Humidifier ($42 with coupon) at Amazon.


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