If You Need to Keep Your Phone Charged During a Long Bike Ride, StrideCharge Is Your Best Option


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As a biking enthusiast, you’ll want to ensure that your phone is within reach so that you can contact the outside world in case of an emergency. Cycling can be a risky sport, and accidents can happen. The fear of destroying your cell phone on your ride will make you want to leave your phone at home or in the car, even though there are many reasons to have your phone on you. Google Maps will help you view paths near you, so you don’t risk getting lost (if you do, you’ll find your way out). And let’s not forget that your phone is the ultimate photography tool, so the old excuse “I don’t have a decent camera” doesn’t apply anymore. As you travel farther on your bike, you can see more places with incredible sites.

As you know, the battery life of your cell phone doesn’t offer more than a few hours of talk time per charge. That’s because modern devices consume energy faster, and manufacturers don’t have any incentive to add bigger batteries. In short, your phone will let you down when you need it the most. If you need your phone charged while out on a ride, you can count on StrideCharge, a practical solution for indoor and outdoor enthusiasts. It’s unique and exceptionally different, offering peace of mind for commuters, long-distance cyclists, indoor bike trainers, and even bike couriers.

With the StrideCharge Case and Bike Mount, It’s Easy to Charge Your Phone Quickly

So, you’ve always got your phone on you for bike trips because it offers functionality like tacking your ride with Strava and listening to music. But that comes at a cost: energy. Your phone battery is draining fast, so you risk having an almost-empty battery and no immediate access to a power source. Sure, there are things you can do to get more hours from your charge, like closing your apps or decreasing screen brightness, but what good will it do? You’re better off investing in a wireless charger like StrideCharge, which is compatible with Apple devices like iPhones. It doesn’t take much to double your phone’s battery life, just press the button on the back of the Stride Charge Case to juice it up. Your favorite music will keep you pedaling even through the most demanding rides.

Use your phone safely during rides and charge it quickly wherever you are. Attention must be paid to the fact that StrideCharge isn’t just for bicycles, meaning that it works on most handlebars. It’s perfect for motorcycles, scooters, strollers, golf carts, etc. It will charge your phone on the go, providing more power than any other option. Simply press the button, and voila. Since its launch on the market, StrideCharge has made progress in the area of wireless charging as far as cyclists and bikers are concerned, and StrideCharge’s innovations remain revolutionary. Thanks to StrideCharge’s design, you’ll enjoy a seamless experience, so you can securely mount your phone to your handlebars and charge it wirelessly.

If You Need Your Cell Phone Battery to Last, Check Out the Modern and Sleek Design of StrideCharge

The StrideCharge is composed of two parts, namely the StrideCharge Charge Case and the StrideCharge Bike Mount. After you attach the StrideCharge Bike Mount to your handlebars (no tools needed), all you have to do is to fasten the StrideCharge Case to the Bike Mount and lock it into place with a click. The design team at StrideCharge made great efforts to refine the aesthetic of the Charging Case, selecting materials and finishes that support its function. The outcome is a Charging Case that’s elegant, trendy, and exquisite, fitting perfectly onto your handlebars. The sleek design of the Charge Case allows you to take it everywhere with you and easily fits in to your pocket or purse.

High-quality ABS and TPU have been used in the making of the product, providing structural rigidity and impact resistance, so you can ride confidently over rugged terrain. Using the StrideCharge iPhone-compatible Charging Case and Mount, you can enjoy your favorite apps anywhere, anytime. StrideCharge allows you to stay connected while cycling so you can access maps and direction while staying safe and aware.

Charge Your Phone To 100%

The StrideCharge Case will keep your phone charged, which can fully recharge your iPhone from empty. StrideCharge will allow you to use your favorite apps like Strava, listen to music, answer emails, and take calls without the worry of your cell phone dying.

All in all, do yourself a favor and check out the StrideCharge system that can charge your phone. Not only will it keep your phone charged but will also keep your phone securely mounted to your handlebars and within view on your rides.

So, if you want to make sure your phone is charged on your long or short rides, make sure you have your StrideCharge.


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