Superbrand Launches the ‘PigDog Pro’ Surfboard Model

Superbrand has introduced a new model to their quiver: the PigDog Pro. Serving as a fine-tuned version of the already existing PigDog, this board was designed in collaboration with Brett Barley and the Superbrand Shapers’ collective.

The inspiration behind this board was simple: barrels. Barley wanted something that could give him even more speed and edge hold than he is already capable of getting on the PigDog. What they did was retain the forward volume but with a modern rail and narrower outline and tail.

Main differences between the PigDog and the PigDog Pro:

pigdog pro super
The PigDog Pro

– The PigDog Pro has a more pulled in tail compared to the traditional Pig Dog. This allows for deeper barrel riding.

– The traditional PigDog would be better in big, sloppy waves with the occasional barrel section while the PigDog Pro would excel in the kind of day where it’s barreling up and down the beach and turns are an afterthought.

“I’ve ridden regular shortboards on days where I’d normally ride a PigDog Pro, and have found myself sliding out in the tube when I hit the foam ball. That never happens on the PigDog Pro. I trust nothing else when it’s barreling. I ride ’em about one or two liters above my normal range and have gotten the best barrels of my life on the PigDog Pro. I’m stoked to have my name attached to it!” Barley said.

Head to Superbrand’s website for more information.

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