Tempted by the Samsung Galaxy S7? Stick With Your iPhone

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Samsung recently debuted its newest smartphone models, the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge in Spain. And the question on everyone's lips is an obvious one: Does the device have what it takes to unseat the iPhone behemoth? While we pointed out why it'd be worth it to switch from an iPhone or other smartphone to the S7, of course, this is not to suggest that it's not a phone without its quirks. In order to best slice and dice this question, here are some of the potential drawbacks to using Samsung's latest and greatest phone.

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You're stuck with Android.
This is perfectly fine for many people, but the simple fact remains that developers tend to focus their attention on creating the best games and apps for the iPhone, as there's more money to be made selling software through Apple than there is through Google. For the foreseeable future, the iPhone will always be the one to have the better games and a more well-known app selection.

Do you really want a curved screen?
Samsung has placed widgets and shortcuts at the rounded edges of the device on the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. This is ostensibly done to make it as easy as possible to access things like phone settings and your contacts list, but the simple fact remains that most phones are not designed this way. It'll feel weird in your hand and may take some getting used to at first.

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It's pretty big.
The S7 Edge's size, in particular, is on par with that of the iPhone 6 Plus. If you have smaller pockets or simply don't want to carry around something that doesn't fit easily in your hand, then steer clear of the Edge.

It requires a lot of customization to get things "just so" to your liking.
Where the iPhone takes a lot of this work out of your hands, automatically laying out all your apps and folders in a grid, Android phones have virtually unlimited themes and layout options. For the tinkerer who loves to get his or her hands dirty, then this is only cause for celebration. But it's not for everyone.

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