Tesla’s Autopilot 8.0 Can Avoid a Crash Before it Happens


Tesla is going to get a lot more attention from a substantial car consumer group. Specifically, the one that doesn’t want to get in an accident — because it appears Tesla autopilot can predict those now. A Dutch man has released dash cam footage of Tesla’s Autopilot 8.0 in action on a Model X, showing the Tesla breaking before a collision.

From what we can see via dash cam, it appears Tesla’s autopilot system sensed something coming that another driver did not. A second after the Tesla begins to break (indicated by alert beeping from inside the car), a car a few lengths in front of it slams into another vehicle. From the looks of the video, you can tell that what the Tesla is actually responding to is evidence of traffic slowing ahead.

You can also watch the video here, where Business Insider does a nice breakdown of the evidence.

Whether Telsa’s autopilot got lucky predicting a crash doesn’t matter (even though it did). The point is Tesla’s systems are functioning on a much higher level than the average driver. We knew that before because Tesla’s engineers told us, but some of the impact of their technology doesn’t translate in marketing speak.

Now we have the video to really understand it. It’ll be hard to argue against footage like this the next time you go to buy a car.

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