Testing BLDG Active Skin Repair: The Packable First-Aid Gel/Spray That’s Free of Harsh Chemicals

This product spotlight was produced with support from BLDG Active.

Cuts, cracks, scratches, scrapes, blisters … what a bummer! And sometimes they’re particularly in the wrong spot, like on your hands (right when you made plans to go climb ice or rocks, mountain bike, kayak, or squeeze limes for your famous homemade, spicy margaritas).

BLDG Active comes in both a spray and gel formula.

That’s why we’ve been trying out BLDG Active Skin Repair. It’s a packable first-aid formula that comes in a gel or spray, free of harsh chemicals, kills 99 percent of all bacteria (“in 15 seconds,” according to the bottle) and speeds healing and repair for your skin woes.

In our experience, BLDG Active Skin Repair really did speed up the healing process – and it does so without using toxic substances like petroleum, peroxide, and antibiotic gels. Both the gel and spray are easily applied and quickly absorbed. We experienced no stinging, no residues left behind, and the non-toxic formula is safe to apply to areas around the eyes, mouth, and nose.

bldg active
Perfect for when you need to speed up healing to get back out there quicker.

Both BLDG gel and spray are composed of Hypochlorous (HOCl), which is naturally produced by the white blood cells in the human body as a way to kill bacteria, reduce inflammation and help the body heal.

And better yet, BLDG Active products are not made with petroleum jelly (a byproduct of the oil industry and therefore an unsustainable resource).

bldg active
Packable and in a lot of cases, essential …

The bottles are a perfect to-go size for any travel first-aid needs and are TSA approved. BLDG Active Skin Repair belongs in your gym bag, car console, daypack or first-aid travel kit. The price is a bit higher than what you might expect for a first-aid gel – $24.99 for the spray and $29.99 for the hydrogel – but we’re firm believers that “you get what you pay for.” It’s non-toxic and non-petroleum based, and you only have to apply a tiny amount (meaning you’ll get plenty of use before running out).

Learn more at BLDG Active.

All photos by Jo Savage.

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