Testing New Orvis Stillwater Fly-fishing Gear in Colorado

Fly-fishing is one of the best ways to get away from it all—the calmness of the water, the excitement of making a catch, and the blissfulness that comes with unplugging in the great outdoors. But there’s no denying the importance of quality fishing gear. So we teamed up with Orvis to test out some new stillwater fly-fishing gear while out in South Park, Colorado.

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We met with Shawn Combs, director of product design and development for Fish/Hunt at Orvis, and Chip Swanson, Orvis’ 2019 freshwater fly-fishing guide of the year, to get some insight into their latest innovations.


“We took the Helios 2 series and really focused on: What does the customer want?,” Combs told Men’s Journal. “And whether it was guides or the average angler on the water, accuracy was the most important thing. What that means is more energy going into the line—making it a more efficient cast and being on target.”

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Orvis Stillwater Fly-Fishing Gear
Christian O’Toole

For stillwater fly-fishing, you use a couple different lines, anything from a floating line to a full sink line to get down into the water column.

“The Helios 3 line uses a high-temperature cure thermoplastic resin system with advanced graphite or carbon material,” Combs says. “It’s unidirectional carbon, so we’re able to shave as much weight as possible out of the rod while maintaining strength and durability, delivering a really crisp, performance-oriented cast.”

If you’re looking to add some new gear, watch our video for a look at the new gear and see how it performs, then check out the full line at Orvis.

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