The 10 Best Body Composition Monitors For Men: Get Accurate Measurements and Increase Weight Loss

Best Body Composition Monitors

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Going on a weight loss journey is never a bad thing. Most of us could all stand to live a little healthier. Slim down and add some muscle to our bodies instead of gulping down another sugary confection from Starbucks that adds more love to our handles. But just because it’s a good idea to get slimmer, that doesn’t mean it’s going to be really all that easy.

Losing weight is a multifaceted proposition. You need to make radical changes in all aspects of your life. One of the biggest being working out. You need to start getting the blood pumping. Whether you’re looking to get more into cardio or you want to do some muscle building, anything is better than nothing. So you need to figure out your specific path.

Not only that, but you need to change up how you eat. How you eat and what exactly it is you’re eating. Because you may be eating decent food, but the portions may be out of control. So you need to figure out what kinds of foods you should be eating and/or how much of said food is healthy for your kind of body and lifestyle.

Again, all of this isn’t easy. Just figure it out takes some time. Then you actually need to enact these goals. Which is not easy in and of itself. And if you do get the motivation up, you need to start eating healthily. You need to start working out more, be it with equipment bought for the home or a membership to a gym near to your home.

With all of that wonderful foreplanning and execution put into play, your whole journey is not over. The routine needs one more aspect to it. You need to actually keep track of your progress. For a lot of people, that starts and stops at simply weighing yourself at the beginning and end of each day. But that’s not going to give you the whole picture.

A lot of people have scales in their bathrooms. And that’s definitely good to have. But just weighing yourself isn’t the be-all here. Because losing weight doesn’t tell you if you burned off some water weight or if you lost some fat or if you even lost some muscle mass. Not to mention there are a whole lot of other figures you need to take into account when checking out your body.

So while there is a good benefit to having a body scale in the bathroom, you need something a little more. And these days, you don’t even need to go to a doctor to get all these kinds of results that’ll give you a complete picture. Nor do you even really have to spend all sorts of money. What you need to do is head on over to Amazon and check out the Best Body Composition Monitors available to buy.

What makes a Body Composition Monitor different from a scale? Well, both take your weight. But a BCM takes all sorts of different measurements. Measurements like Body Mass, Water Weight, Muscle Mass, and all sorts of other measurements that’ll give you the complete picture of your body. And best of all, the results will connect to an app on your phone for easier storage so you can track your progress with ease.

Unsurprisingly, there are a lot of options that could fall under the description Best Body Composition Monitors. Fitness is a big business these days and there’s always a ton of options in every area of fitness. Especially with these scales, since they are highly effective and come pretty cheaply. Which is why we are here to come and deliver some easy results for you to check out.

Going through all of these for you guys was no easy feat. But we did it. And we came out with 10 of the Best Body Composition Monitors available on Amazon. And while all 10 would be worthy of inclusion into your fitness regiment, we think there is one that stands above the rest as the BEST OVERALL. And that is the Arboleaf Digital Scale.

Why do we think the Arboleaf Digital Scale is the best of the bunch? For one, it’s really affordable. Not just affordable, but the efficacy of the scale is hard to pass up. So you’re getting the most bang for your buck here. And the results these provide are incredibly accurate. So all the results you’re getting delivered to the app it connects to will give you the best chance of accurately tracking your progress.

Now, all of these are pretty damn great. So if the Arboleaf Digital Scale is not the one for you, you will be in a good spot by picking up one of the other 9. Especially since we picked them to fall under certain categories. Categories are as follows: BEST OVERALL, RUNNER UP, MOST AFFORDABLE, BEST BMI SCALE, BEST BODY FAT SCALE, BEST WATER WEIGHT SCALE, BEST METABOLISM SCALE, BEST MUSCLE MASS SCALE, BEST BONE MASS SCALE, and BEST PROTEIN SCALE.

So if you’re looking to make a real go out of getting into good shape, you need to pick up one of the Best Body Composition Monitors we wrangled for you. You can find all 10 below and whichever choice you pick, you’ll be ready to tackle the journey like a champ.



Arboleaf Digital Scale

Like we said above, this is the best BCC in our eyes. For one, the price is hard to beat. With the level of accuracy you’re getting in all sorts of different areas is hard to beat. This is like a bullseye every time. And it all contexts to your phone so you can check everything out. You’ll be trucking along with all the info you need to see how your body is laid out and how it’s changing. There’s a reason why the customer reviews on this bad boy are so high. When you add this to your home, you will be fully equipped with the best BCM out there.

Get It: Pick up the Arboleaf Digital Scale ($25; was $30) at Amazon

Get it!




FITINDEX Bluetooth Body Fat Scale

We also said above that any of the 10 BCM’s on this list would make for a great pickup. And the reason why this one comes in as the runner-up in our mind is the price. Right now you can get this amazing scale for under $20. More than half off. So right now, you’ll be getting an amazing BCM without breaking the bank. All the measurements you need to get your fitness going in the right direction can be found here. The synchronization to the app is easy as can be. Having this in your home is a no-brainer in our minds.

Get It: Pick up the FITINDEX Bluetooth Body Fat Scale ($19; was $40) at Amazon

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Yoobure Bluetooth Body Fat Scale

Looking to get a BCM while keeping your budget in line? These don’t tend to go for too much money. But if you can find one that’s cheaper than the rest while still delivering the results, you shouldn’t pass that up. And this scale offers plenty of value for the pricing. Because it may come in at its regular price under $20, but it is as durable and accurate as any scale that is priced higher. So if you want to find out your muscle mass our BMI or any of the other countless stats it tracks, you’re gonna get a complete picture for a steal.

Get It: Pick up the Yoobure Bluetooth Body Fat Scale ($18) at Amazon

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TENSWALL Body Weight Scale

BMI is basically the measurement of how tall you are and how much you weigh to get the best ratio for your body type. It’s not the complete package, but it is another one you should have in your mind when tracking your progress. And you can get some pretty damn accurate results regarding your BMI with this BCM from TENSWALL. Not only that, but you’ll get all the other stats you need. All beamed right to your phone for easy viewing. You can’t go wrong with this BCM in the home.

Get It: Pick up the TENSWALL Body Weight Scale ($30; was $40) at Amazon

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Etekcity Scale

Body fat is pretty self-explanatory. It’s the percentage of your body that is comprised of fat. All bodies need to have fat on them to function properly. But you don’t want too much. With this scale, you can see how much of your body is made up of fat. All beamed right to your phone with the ease 2021 tech provides us. As well as all the other stats you need to keep your body going in the right direction. Getting all of that in this durable package for this price is no bad turn of events.

Get It: Pick up the Etekcity Scale ($26) at Amazon

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MOSPRO Digital Scale

Water weight is another self-explanatory stat. It’s finding out how much of the weight you are carrying is water. Plenty of people tend to store water weight and end up feeling bloated during the day. So you can’t get the most accurate view of your body without taking water weight into account. And you can certainly do that with the accurate readings that this BCM provides. All of that and more for under $30 is a hard proposition to pass up.

Get It: Pick up the MOSPRO Digital Scale ($26) at Amazon

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Omron Body Composition Monitor

Metabolism is an important part of understanding your body. It’s the way you can tell how fast your body digests food and burns off calories in downtime. Lots of people have a slow metabolism and end up taking a lot longer burning off the food of the day. With this BCM from Omron, you won’t have to worry about your workouts being ineffective or anything like that. You can adjust your workouts properly to get that weight off. All of that and more with this pricey but incredibly worthwhile BCM that’ll give you the numbers you need.

Get It: Pick up the Omron Body Composition Monitor ($70; was $110) at Amazon

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Eufy by Anker Smart Scale

Muscle mass is how much of your weight is taken up by muscle. Which is a good number to have in mind, especially if the MM is high. If your MM takes up a lot of your weight, you’re in a good spot. And you don’t want to see the MM go down. With this BCM from Eufy by Anker, you’ll be able to properly track your MM and see if you’re really getting a good workout going in the gym. All that and the other stats you need to make sure your body is healthy.

Get It: Pick up the Eufy by Anker Smart Scale ($45) at Amazon

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GreaterGoods Smart Scale

Bone mass is a fun little stat because most people wouldn’t think to take it into account. It’s basically how much your bones weigh. So when you step on the scale, your bones are going to be measured. With this number, you can subtract that off to see how much you really weigh. Because there’s nothing you can do about the Bone mass other than keeping it in mind. And you can keep all those other stats in mind when you get the accurate reading from this BCM sent right to your phone.

Get It: Pick up the GreaterGoods Smart Scale ($23; was $29) at Amazon

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Runcobo Digital Scale

When you work out, you need to ingest protein to fuel your body up. To fuel it up and to make sure it recovers properly, otherwise, you won’t see any growth in the muscle mass. And with this BCM, you can see how much protein your body actually has. That way you can see if you need to start adding protein powders or the like to your daily routine. Otherwise, you’re not getting the proper workout. And with this, you can also see the other stats right on your phone as well.

Get It: Pick up the Runcobo Digital Scale ($50) at Amazon

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