The 10 Wildest Things SkyMall Ever Sold

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It’s a sad day for bored in-flight travelers and impulse shoppers everywhere. SkyMall, everyone’s favorite (and only) in-flight shopping magazine announced its filing for bankruptcy protection. As we mourn the opportunity to flip through pages of garden gnomes shaped like sports icons and wrinkle-free resort wear with twelve hideaway pockets for your passport or wallet, here are 10 of our favorite awful things SkyMall ever offered.

“Piece of Art” Patchwork Shirt
According to SkyMall, a one of a kind shirt has to be made from 10 different shirts, and costs about the same price as five. For $130, SkyMall gave extra unique men the opportunity to don a patchwork shirt that probably shouldn’t have been worn individually to begin with. 

Springflex UB
Best be described as SkyMall’s version of a lazy-man’s Bowflex, you mount the Spingflex UB to your desk and can use in your suit…or your underwear?

Caddie Cooler (also known as the Designated Driver)
A flask poorly disguised as a 3-wood, the Caddie Cooler deems itself as the perfect way to get your “drinks on the links” for golfers that just can’t wait for the beverage cart. 

Because Razor scooters are for kids, and Segways are for nerds, SkyMall was kind enough to give normal people out there the opportunity to give up walking for something much weirder. For only $1,800, the Solowheel allowed to awkwardly roll down sidewalks, knowing what to do with your arms as everyone stares. H 

EZ Jump Rope
Jumping rope is one of the most effective and basic forms of cardio. But leave it to SkyMall to sell a jump rope that doesn’t require jumping. One of the selling points of this exercise equipment is that you can use it on sitting down. Thankfuly, SkyMall created a video tutorial to show you all the other ways to not jump with your jump rope. 

BrightFeet Lighted Slippers
The designers of BrightFeet save you from the difficulty of flipping on a light switch to avoid a stubbed toe when they ingeniously put headlights in the slippers. And though they’re designed for walking in the dark the slippers are still offered in pink, camouflage, tan, and black to match your personal style. 

Passenger Seat Office
Texting and driving is dangerous, the passenger seat office is insane. Even if you’re stopped, this has to be the least comfortable way to accomplish any work and likely the last place you want to do it. 

Toilet Paper Holder iPod Mount
It charges your iPod while it’s in use and is moisture resistant, but should you really be touching your iPod at the same time you’re using toilet paper? 

Relax and Nap Pillow
No, it’s not a Liberator — it’s a sleeping pillow. When you crash facedown into bed, or in a chair, you don’t have to worry about smothering yourself­ with this not-so convenient pillow.

Waistband Stretcher
This is where New Year’s resolutions come to die. With SkyMall, you don’t have to lose an inch to get your pants to fit a little loose. The Waistband Stretcher is the ultimate confidence booster, without any reason to feel more confident. Skip the stretcher, and go hit the gym.

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