The 5 Best Christmas Lights To Decorate Your Home With

Best Christmas Lights

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We are finally here guys. Thanksgiving has come and gone. November is over and that means one thing. We are finally in the swing of the holiday season. Gifts are going to be exchanged and cheer will be in the air. Cheer that we so sorely need in 2020. But that’s not all that the holidays bring.

Now that December is here, you will start seeing more and more holiday decorations all around you. Houses and businesses decked out to the nines in holiday gear. It’s a great way to put people in the mood for the season. The aesthetic is great, with a lot of bright colors that light up the surroundings.

There are all kinds of decorations one can get for the home. Not just for the inside, but for the outside as well. You can decorate the tree with all sorts of ornaments and get the front lawn filled up with as many inflatable characters as you can possibly handle. The options are endless for the season.

But there is one consistent when it comes to holiday decorating, inside or out. And that is the lights. Not just any old lights. Strings of decorative lighting really tie the holiday theme together. There’s nothing like driving around and seeing what people can do with holiday lights this time of year.

People can really go all out when it comes to decorating their homes. So many options. Some people can get so into it that their homes become tourist attractions. Whole neighborhoods can become a little festival of lights if done right.

Even when it comes to the Best Christmas Lights to get for the home, there are options you need to choose from. Not as deep and varied as other decorative options. But there are still options you need to pick. Options that you think work best for your home and the look you are going for.

So basically, you need to choose between all-white lighting or multi-colored lighting. There are pros and cons to each choice. Multi-colored lighting is classic and really shouts to the skies that the holidays are here. But all white lights add a real wintery look to the mix since they look very snowy/icy.

But even when it comes to the color choices you make, there are different options in there. How do you turn them? How bright do they go? What’s the shape of the bulbs? Are they ecologically sustainable? Lots of stuff to ponder on. It’s deceptively difficult to choose from.

Another aspect of the difficulty comes in because there are so many options to choose from at all sorts of outlets that sell Christmas Lights. One look at Amazon right now and you will see so many links to choose from that you will get a headache just trying to figure out which is the best to choose from.

This is where we come in to help you guys out. What we did is go on Amazon and do a lot of digging. Digging to find the Best Christmas Lights for you guys to choose from. 5 amazing options that will go a long way towards making your home the best-looking house on the block, inside and out.

Now, there are 5 great options for you to choose from. But in our eyes, there is one that stands heads and shoulders above the rest. And that is the Milexing Christmas Lights.

What makes the Milexing Christmas Lights the best of the bunch? Well, that’s for a few reasons in our eyes. For one, they look great. They have a classic look to them that will work well with any home. They’re also very affordable, making it easy to get as much as you need to round out the house.

Another great reason why the Milexing Christmas Lights are the best in our eyes is because of how they are powered. You don’t need to plug these in, worrying about a power outage or shortage. These are battery-powered, giving them a safe and reliable way to light up all holiday long.

Even better is that these lights have multiple functions. You can choose from plenty of lighting functions such as steady on, in a wave, sequential, and many others for you to make the lights even more alluring to the eye. All of it is simple too, with each function being a button on the battery case.

Now, we understand that these lights won’t work for everyone. Everyone has different tastes and thus will prefer something else. For whichever reason, we have 4 other options for you to choose from. Depending on what you want, there should be an option for you below.

The option we have chosen are as follows: BEST OVERALL, BEST SOLAR POWERED LIGHTS, BEST COLOR CHANGING LIGHTS, BEST WHITE LIGHTS, BEST CLASSIC LIGHTS. Whichever option you prefer, the Christmas Lights we picked will be a good addition to your home.

When you scroll down below, you will see the rankings listed out with brief descriptions about why we chose them for each slot. And when you’re done checking them out, pick up the one you prefer and get your home ready for the holidays in style.



Milexing Christmas Lights

We said that the Milexing Christmas Lights are the best overall Christmas Lights for a reason. And as we said above, the big reason is that they are classic looking lights. The kinda lights you saw on houses growing up and in the classic holiday movies we all grew up on. But there’s more to it than that. For one, they are affordable. Which is good, because you don’t want to spend too much on lights you will put away in storage in about a month’s time. They are also battery-powered, so you don’t have to worry about the electric bill nor do you need to worry about any electrical-based issues. And there are 9 different lighting functions for you to choose from, giving your house a specific look depending on your aesthetic goals. Every house will look great with these and that is why we have picked them as the best overall.

PROS: Classic Christmas Look, Affordable, Won’t Run Up The Electric Bill

CONS: Batteries Run Out

Get It: Pick up the Milexing Christmas Lights ($17) at Amazon

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JosMega Solar Powered String Lights

We have now reached the age where Solar Power has become a viable option to power things up. And that option is even available with Christmas Lights. As you can see with the JosMega Solar Powered String Lights, you just stick the solar panel in the ground and let the lights get all the juice they need. So when the night comes, you just turn them on and let the solar power do its thing. Once they are lit up, you will see some amazing lights on your house. Put the light function on that you prefer and let the holiday cheer wash over the area. They’re affordable, they’re great to look at, and they are sustainable. These are great to add to any Christmas decoration set up.

PROS: Clean Energy, Customizable Lighting Set Up

CONS: Solar Panels Take Up Some Space, Can Only Be Used Outdoors

Get It: Pick up the JosMega Solar Powered String Lights ($13) at Amazon

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Twinkle Star String Lights

Now, these are some really impressive lights. Not just because of how affordable they are and how bright the lights can be. But because of how customizable these lights are. They can be adjusted to have the lighting options that you prefer. You can choose the colors and the functionality of the lights, how they flash, and so on. All of that can be done with ease thanks to the remote control that these come with. That way you can adjust the look of your home and your decorations depending on your mood each day. You don’t have to be locked into one kind of look. The sky is the limit with these amazing lights and if you want to customize your holiday look, then these are the lights for you.

PROS: Easy To Customize The Look Of The Lights, Multiple Color Choices, Remote Control Set Up

CONS: Battery Powered and Thus The Batteries Will Run Out

Get It: Pick up the Twinkle Star String Lights ($15) at Amazon

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Prextex Clear White Christmas Lights

There are plenty of folks out there that like to go in a sleeker direction when it comes to the Christmas Lights setup by picking up white lights. No colors, just pure white light to go for a more wintery look. You can use these on their own or you can use them in tandem with other Christmas lights. Either way, if you are looking for some great white Christmas lights, these are the ones for you. Simple and affordable lighting to get your house into a very wintery mode for the holiday season.

PROS: Sleek Design

CONS: Locked In To One Look

Get It: Pick up the Prextex Clear White Christmas Lights ($14; was $17) at Amazon

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Sunsgne Ceramic Christmas Lights

If you are looking for a classic set of Christmas Lights to decorate your home with, then you will want to pick up these lights. They have that great, thick ceramic bulb look you are looking for. They give off a great, clean light with the colors you want for the holidays. You plug them into the electrical socket and you let them do their thing. These look great surrounding the home but they also look amazing on a Christmas Tree. They might cost a little more than some of the newer, smaller models of Christmas Lights. But you can’t put a cost on that good ole holiday feeling.

PROS: Classic Look

CONS: More expensive than other lights these days

Get It: Pick up the Sunsgne Ceramic Christmas Lights ($30) at Amazon

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