The 5 Best Ring Lights To Look Your Best On Zoom Calls

Best Ring Lights

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It’s been quite the year, hasn’t it? 2020 has brought a lot of challenges and changes to our lives. From changes big to small, life in 2020 has been a lot different than it was in years past. A lot of those changes are based on the fact that technology has made life a whole lot easier in many regards.

When this pandemic swept across the country, it forced a whole lot of people to stay home. From people losing their jobs to people working from home, there has been a lot more time spent indoors than usual. It’s safer inside during this pandemic, for better or worse. And that is where technology has come into play.

For a lot of folks, video chatting has become a major part of daily life. Those that work from home need to use Zoom or other video chat apps to take meetings. And when you’re not working, it has been a great way to stay connected with others. You can have virtual hangouts with friends and family. It may not be the same as being in person, but it’s a good workaround.

Using these video chat apps has been a positive thing for the most part. People don’t need to leave the house if they don’t absolutely have to. Working from home and schooling from home is a whole lot easier with this in our lives. But using them all the time brings about a certain realization. The lighting in our home is not all that great for picture taking purposes.

It may not seem like that big a deal, but good lighting can cause a lot of havoc for how you look on a video call. Sure, what does that matter? Well, it goes a long way to how you are received on a call. It’s like going into the office and having some spinach in your teeth. Not a real killer or anything, but it will change how people look at you.

How do you take care of such a problem like this? No one wants to get a whole lighting rig as you see on movie sets or modeling shoots. That’s too expensive and takes up too much space. You need to find a good workaround that is affordable and won’t get in the way while doing great work at making you look your best on Zoom.

Luckily for everyone, there is such a workaround. And that workaround is picking up a ring light. These have existed for a while and are used for such simple, at-home purposes. Video bloggers and Youtubers and the like tend to use these. That’s because they are very spacious and convenient and effective. All for affordable prices.

Purchases of ring lights have increased exponentially throughout 2020. People want to look their best, there is nothing wrong with that. And since this pandemic doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon, people are going to be video chatting at home for the foreseeable future.

With this explosion of ring lights in circulation these days, that means you will see a whole lot more options when you go looking for them online. One just has to look over at Amazon and see the endless supply of options to realize how big this market has become.

Looking at all these options can be a bit of a problem. There are so many that it can be overwhelming and you just don’t know how to make a choice. You freeze up. It happens to the best of us. But we know nobody wants to sit around without making a choice. You wanna get stuff done.

That is where we come in to help you guys. Because we have done a lot of work to find 5 of the Best Ring Lights on Amazon for you guys to check out. It was a lot of work, but it was work that we felt was worth it. Any of these 5 ring lights would make for a great pickup during all this pandemic nonsense.

But in our research, we have found that there is one that stands above the rest. And that is the Neewer Ring Light Kit. When it comes to looking at ring lights and choosing the best one, there are some criteria one needs to look at. And within these criteria, we find that the Neewer Ring Light Kit is the tops.

The criteria that we look at are varied. For one, the strength of the lighting is key. But not just the strength, but how easily it can be adjusted to your needs based on location and physicality. Also, you need to look at convenience in size and how easy it is to set up in the house.

There are other options one can look at in this regard, but those are the big ones. And looking at those elements, as well as others, we find the Neewer Ring Light Kit is the Best Overall ring light. But we know everyone has different tastes, so we rounded up 4 other great options.

When you scroll on down below, you will see our 5 choices listed out with descriptions about why we choose each ring light. The categories we picked out is BEST OVERALL, BEST FOR PHONES, BEST FOR PICTURES, BEST COLOR OPTIONS, and MOST AFFORDABLE.

Any of these options will be a good pickup. Obviously, we think the Neewer is the best, but the other 4 are pretty great too. So if you want to look your best on video chats while this pandemic keeps raging on, then you need to check out the Best Ring Lights below and make the choice that works for you.



Neewer Ring Light Kit

As we said up top, the Neewer Ring Light Kit is our choice for the best overall ring light. For one, the lighting it delivers is out of control. You will have absolutely no problem making yourself looking good for a video chat. Not to mention how easy it is to adjust the settings to get it to your specific needs. The pricing is really good too for what it can do, as this is a high-end model. You can also hook it up to a phone and control when to take pictures with a remote control this comes with. It’s convenient to use in any home, with the tripod adjusting your space needs. Really, anyone interesting in looking their best on a video chat would be very wise to pick this kit up. It’ll quickly become your friend when you see the results on your first chat.

PROS: Perfect lighting

CONS: Costly

Get It: Pick up the Neewer Ring Light Kit ($85; was $100) at Amazon

Get it!



Mactrem Ring Light

Most people will tend to use their computers when they vid chat at home. But there are plenty of people that will just go for the convenience of using their phone. Now, there are plenty of ring lights that can be used with your phone. The Neewer light above is great for that. But this Mactrem Ring Light is probably the best one if you are going to exclusively use your phone. It’s got a compact tripod so it can go anywhere. It also comes with a tripod for the phone, that way you don’t have to hold the phone. Your picture will be steady the whole time. Adjust the light to your needs and voila. You got a great look when your vid chatting for work or personal purposes. All at a really great low price.

PROS: Small and compact for phones

CONS: Maybe a tad more fragile than the others

Get It: Pick up the Mactrem Ring Light ($19) at Amazon

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Wonew Ring Light

Right now, people are picking up ring lights for vid chat purposes. But you’ll want to pick one up that you can use when all this is over. Get more bang for your buck. That is why the Wonew Ring Light caught our eye. It’s a great ring light for vid chat purposes, with the strong lighting and the easy to set up tripod. The tripod here is really great because if you’re using your phone for vid chats, you can set up the phone right behind the light so you can look straight ahead into the phone with the best lighting possible. But there’s one thing that really caught our eye here. And it is the Bluetooth remote control that allows you to take a picture with your phone from afar. So when your phone is set up behind the ring light, you can press the button and get the best selfie possible. That way, you’re getting a lot of use of this ring light now and when the pandemic is over. At this price, you can’t beat that.

PROS: Great for stills as well as videos

CONS: Not as many lighting options as the others

Get It: Pick up the Wonew Ring Light ($24) at Amazon

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Fauna Ring Light

There are a lot of simple options when it comes to ring lights. White lights where you can adjust how hot they go. No need to get too elaborate with it if you don’t want to. But if you do want a good, elaborate set up that can get the picture exactly the way you want it, then this Fauna Ring Light is for you. That is because you can adjust the colors from 7 color RGB spectrum in addition to the white light options. You can also choose between a ton of different functions to really nail the subtlety of your face. It may run a little more than some of the more affordable options on this list, but the results speak for themselves.

PROS: Tons of options for lighting purposes

CONS: Pricier than most

Get It: Pick up the Fauna Ring Light ($37) at Amazon

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Mikikin Ring Light

There are plenty of you guys out there that want to look good on a video chat but don’t want to spend too much money. It makes sense, as this isn’t going to be used all that often if you’re not vid chatting all the time. There are plenty of cheap ring lights out there, but they aren’t worth having. They aren’t really reliable. But the Mikikin Ring Light is. That’s because it is on sale for a great low price. So you can spend less on this one than on any of the other ring lights. You’ll get an amazing light source that is easy to set up. You’ll be looking like a stat when you have this set up on your next vid chat.

PROS: Small and compact, perfect for any home

CONS: Price won’t last forever

Get It: Pick up the Mikikin Ring Light ($14; was $27) at Amazon

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