The Adventure Watch You Can Wear Every Day

Courtesy Casio

For men of a certain age, the name Casio still evokes fond memories of cool. When the company’s chunky digital G-Shock watches hit it big in the mid-90s it was hard not to want one. Well, the tech-y watchmaker continues to make tough and innovative watches worth coveting. A great example is the Casio ProTrek PRW-6000Y-1A.

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Part of that “cool” appeal was always lots of buttons and functions (A stopwatch! Hourly chime! Tide and moon data!); and the ProTrek is filthy with them. The time itself is set automatically via radio signals the watch receives up to five times a day, and the whole shebang is solar powered. That’s already pretty neat, but you can add to that a compass, and readings for temperature, altitude, and barometric pressure. The ProTrek can even alert you in a drastic rise or drop in the latter, a nice touch for serious mountaineers. All of it is, of course, wrapped in a tough, waterproof package with easy-to-operate buttons and a light for timekeeping at night.

The ProTrek is, without a doubt, a great companion for hardcore pursuits, but to be honest, we felt great wearing it daily. Sure, we got in the occasional hike where the compass and altitude functions were both useful, but it also fit right in riding the subway wearing a dress shirt and a blazer. So whether you’re a guy who is always headed to the hills or just a nostalgic urban geek, this may be your new everyday watch. [$600;]

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