The Apocalypse-Proof Jacket


Rocky’s S2V Provision is a slick, stylish, well-made garment. And we hope we never have need to wear one. That’s no cut – to the contrary we have only good things to say about the Provision – but because tucked within the many discreet flaps, folds, seams, pockets, and zippers is a veritable arsenal of wilderness survival gear intended to aid its wearer in moments of extreme distress.

The thermal- and water-resistant jacket is built to be comfortable and dry in rain and snow (the fabric is completely waterproof and the arms and chest are lined with Aerotherm aerogel insulation). Its four-way stretch polyester and articulated patterning flex naturally, and so are perfectly suited for backcountry snowboarding or skiing, and the high-rise collar along with the polyurethane lined storm cuffs effectively keep the cold on the outside. Dig into one of its many completely waterproofed pockets and the fun begins.

Rocky S2V has been equipping the military since World War II, so special forces have been relying on its rugged boots and survival know-how for over 70 years. That expertise is evident. In one sleeve pocket is an eGear LED flashlight. A StarFlash ultra signal mirror, compass, and JetScream whistle are secreted in the right chest pocket; the left holds a SaberCut razor saw and eGear emergency light stick. There’s also an eGear emergency blanket in the left upper sleeve, along with a medical kit. In case of an avalanche or other snowbound misery, there’s a fuchsia ski skirt that can be used for signaling, a pocket specifically designed for a SPOT Satellite GPS Messenger rescue beacon, and a Recco Advanced Rescue Technology tab – a passive signal reflector that lets rescue teams detect it from a distance.

Every item S2V sells also comes with the company’s signature item, the Survival Grenade: a mini-survival kit hooked to a carabineer. Unwrap its 10 feet of military-grade 550 paracord to find wire, tinfoil, two fishing hooks, a knife blade, a needle, and small fire starter. And we would be remiss to not mention the company’s equally impressive survival-friendly shoes,   Substratum Direct Attach Hiker. Stowed in each sole is a compartment containing a fire sparker and wet cubes for emergency fire starting, even in the pouring rain. With all these tempting goodies, one could be forgiven for secretly hoping their next camping trip offers just a little taste of calamity. [$401;]

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