The Best Booties for After Skiing


Hikers, skiers, fishermen, and campers all understand the value of a good pair of camp booties. Nothing feels better after a long day on the river, trails or slopes than peeling off stiff boots and sliding into a warm pair of booties, ideally with a rubber sole that won’t start wearing away when you go outside. Post-workout footwear can be hard to find, which is why we’re so enamored of Pakems, sock-style slip-ons made by the Colorado brand Aprés Gear, which weigh just 6.6 ounces each, are styled like high-tops, and have a water resistant rip stop outer that keeps the elements at bay.

The booties were designed by Julie Adams, a corporate attorney from Denver who didn’t want to put her boots back on to make the trek inside after posting up in the mountain sun with a beer. She prototyped and prototyped until she created something suitable for both Front-Range slopes and backcountry nights. 


Field Notes
Area Tested: Indoors and outdoors on slick patios.
Days Used: 15
Conditions Encountered: Snowy paths and gravel driveways. 
Nitpick: They kind of look like offroad sleeping bags.

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