The Best REM Sleep Trackers For The Troubled Sleepers

Best REM Sleep Trackers

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Life can be a real drag. Going to work and dealing with everyday responsibilities. It’s a lot and it can put a lot of strain on the body. For a lot of us, there is only one part of the day that we can really and fully enjoy. When all is said and done with the work we gotta do from nine to five, there’s nothing like curling up in bed and just sleeping the night away.

Sleep is a truly glorious thing. Curling up under the blankets and just letting all our stress slip away. Some of us like to sleep in pitch black with no sounds. Others like to sleep with music or the TV on. Either way, a good pillow, and a soft mattress are all we need. Or so we would like to think. Because there are a lot of people out there with big problems when it comes to getting to sleep.

Getting to sleep at night is not just important because it relieves our stress. But it’s because when we sleep, our bodies tend to repair themselves. Gets itself ready for the day ahead. If you don’t get enough sleep, you can be in a bad position for the next day. And the problem for a lot of people when it comes to sleep issues is that they aren’t getting the best REM sleep that they could.

You may have heard the phrase REM sleep before, but you probably don’t know exactly what it means. Well, basically, REM stands for Rapid Eye Movement. When you enter this stage while you are sleeping, your eyes move a lot. If you look at someone while they sleep and they enter REM, it looks like they’re constantly looking around the surroundings. Just non-stop movement.

This means that when the body is going through REM, it acts as if it’s looking for visual info but it isn’t. It’s almost like your brain is awake but it isn’t. In this state, you’re going to enter dreamland. Really vivid dreams. And when you enter this mode of sleep, your body starts to rebuild. Relax and recover from the day before while preparing for the day ahead.

REM sleep does not happen in one stage. It happens multiple times throughout the night. Or it should. After a period of non-REM sleep that lasts for about 90 minutes, you get some REM for ten minutes. Then the cycle starts over, with REM lasting longer and longer until you’re getting about an hour of REM sleep before it is time to rise and shine.

When you aren’t getting enough REM sleep, your body is going to know it even if you don’t. Because in REM sleep, your brain says strong. Memories are consolidated and you feel fresher in the morning. Your performance throughout the day is stronger. Migraines will appear less and you’ll have an easier time keeping your weight in order. In general, you will just generally be better off with REM sleep staying in good shape.

But that’s the problem. Some people don’t end up with good REM sleep, for whatever reason. Alcohol consumption can lead to weaker REM sleep, despite it seemingly making it easier to go to sleep. You may not be getting enough sleep in general, with obstructions jarring you awake. Maybe you have a medical issue like sleep apnea. Or you just don’t have a solid bedtime routine to latch onto and your body gets thrown off course.

For those of you that are dealing with issues in the morning where it feels like you just aren’t getting refreshing sleep, you need to do something about it. And you can. Because there are some amazing items out there. Items that we have gone out to wrangle for your shopping pleasure. Not just any old items. We have picked up the Best REM Sleep Trackers for you to check out and buy.

There are a lot of items that could fall under the title Best REM Sleep Trackers. So we had to whittle it down for you. 5 truly wonderful items that should go a long way to helping you track your sleep so you can see at which points in the night you’re dealing with REM interruption. And from there you can try to figure out what course of action needs to be taken to solve this issue.

We may have picked 5 items to fall under Best REM Sleep Trackers. But one of them is our choice for BEST OVERALL and it is the Fitbit Charge 4 Fitness Tracker. There are a few reasons why it’s our choice for the best of the best, but mainly it’s because of how convenient it is to wear and to use for such an affordable price. Hard to beat it in our eyes.

But we get that others might want other things. That’s why we have picked the other 4 for you guys. Using certain categories for our search, we have landed on some real winners here gang. The categories being as such: BEST OVERALL, RUNNER UP, BEST SLEEP RING, BEST HEADBAND, and BEST MATTRESS PAD.

Picking up any one of these items should go a long way to solving your REM sleep crisis. So if you want to find out what might be the cause of your issues, these items are the way to go. The Best REM Sleep Trackers will not let you down. No matter which one of the five you choose.



Fitbit Charge 4 Fitness Tracker

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to find out we picked this Fitbit as the best of the Best REM Sleep Trackers. Like we said above, the convenience of this thing is out of this world. Not just because wearing it on your wrist is no problem at all, thanks to its lightweight design. But because the details it’ll get are incredibly accurate. And sending those results to the app makes it really easy to track everything. Even better is that you can use it outside of the sleep tracking purposes, such as heart rate and such when you’re working out. All at a price point that is pretty fair all things considered. So you could do a whole lot worse than picking this up for your sleep trouble needs.

PROS: Easy to wear, easy to use, incredibly affordable for how effective it is

CONS: Maybe not the most stylish thing one could wear but style isn’t really the point with it

Get It: Pick up the Fitbit Charge 4 Fitness Tracker ($99; was $150) at Amazon

Get it!



REM-Fit ZEEQ Smart Pillow

Maybe you don’t need a fitness tracker or you just don’t want to spend money on such a thing. Whatever it is, you might want to check out this wonderful pillow. Not just because it’s incredibly comfortable, which will help your sleep patterns thanks to the relaxation you’ll feel. But it’s built with sensors to track your sleep patterns. That way you can see what needs to be changed and at what point in the night the issues pop up. All of which will be sent right to the app on your phone so you can check it all out and see the way everything shakes out day by day. This is a pretty sweet pillow and it’s easy to see why we think this is one of the best REM sleep trackers out there.

PROS: Incredibly comfortable on top of delivering accurate sleep readings right to the app for easy to track results

CONS: Maybe you’re not looking to spend this much on a pillow when you already for one you like

Get It: Pick up the REM-Fit ZEEQ Smart Pillow ($70; was $85) at Amazon

Get it!



Wellue O2Ring

Maybe a pillow is not your thing either. You got the one you like and you’re not changing it up. That’s fine. Maybe you want something a little less in the way. Something low-key but still incredibly effective. That’s where this Sleep Ring comes in. You just slip it on your finger at night and let it do its thing. Its thing being checking on your sleep levels so you can get some incredible accurate reading sent right to your phone. You’ll have no issues seeing the trouble times at night for you. This is pretty expensive and kind of easy to lose based on how small it is. But for the results it delivers and the convenience of its compact size, it may just be worth it.

PROS: Convenient thanks to the small size and delivers accurate results

CONS: Pricey and easy to lose thanks to said small size

Get It: Pick up the Wellue O2Ring ($180; was $260) at Amazon

Get it!



MUSE SOvernight Sleep Tracker Headband

Price may not be an issue, but the size of the sleep ring might be. You don’t want to spend money on something that’s easy to lose. Well, you will have no issues with misplacing this headband. Like the ring, it’s convenient for how it doesn’t get in the way. You just slip it on your head and get to bed. But it’s pretty sizable since it’s supposed to fit around a human head. And since it’s right up against the brain, you can be sure that the results of its sleep tracking will be top-notch. Again, this is a pretty pricey piece of equipment. But after all those nights of troubled sleep, this will be incredibly worth finding out what’s going on.

PROS: Easy to wear, with incredibly accurate results sent right to your phone

CONS: Really pricey.

Get It: Pick up the MUSE SOvernight Sleep Tracker Headband ($310; was $350) at Amazon

Get it!



Withings Sleep Tracking Pad

Well, we are at the end of the list. And while we won’t say we saved the best for last, this is certainly no slouch. Because this mattress pad is out of this world in terms of convenience and in terms of accuracy of its results. You just need to slip it under your mattress and you’re good to go. It’ll track your sleep levels without even being on your body. Which is shocking considering how accurate the results will be when you check them out on your phone in the morning. You may feel a bit iffy about spending this kind of money on something that doesn’t even touch you. But we wouldn’t have put it on the list of Best REM Sleep Trackers if it wasn’t going to deliver the goods.

PROS: Out of the way and still delivers top-notch results

CONS: Not even touching you might make you worry about the accuracy of the results, no matter how often you hear how great it is

Get It: Pick up the Withings Sleep Tracking Pad ($95; was $100) at Amazon

Get it!

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