The Best Robot Vacuum and Mop for Your Home

Mj 618_348_the best robot vacuum and mop for your home
Courtesy Moneualusa

There’s something very satisfying about being productive without actually doing anything. That’s how we feel while the Moneual RYDIS H68 Pro vacuum and mopping robot is at work cleaning our house.

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You can easily activate the vacuum either by the play/pause button on the unit itself or via the included remote control. Blue LEDs on top indicate it’s ready to go, and a voice prompt announces its current mode (“Hybrid Cleaning beginning, Intensive Cleaning started.”). The puck-shaped vacuum cleaner becomes almost autonomous after the initial setup and charging at the base station. Its 42 sensors, including a Smart Vision camera that maps the ceiling, guide the Rydis on its rounds, and you can program it to recognize doorways and stairs. Once activated, the Rydis goes to work with its powerful front suction motor vacuum, followed by a Swiffer-like mop rear attachment that is continually wetted by water from its 5-ounce reservoir for up to three hours. Twin side brushes sweep debris into the center rolling brush to help pick up particles that are .3 microns or larger. To switch settings, you can use the remote to mop and detect darker areas and reach under furniture. 

In our tests, the mopping function kept things extra clean and shiny and made us remember how our dusty wood floors were supposed to look. And thanks to the Shadow Cleaning setting, we were able to get rid of the dust bunnies that accumulated underneath our bed. “Manny,” as we started to affectionately call him, did a great job of knowing when he was tired and heading back to the charging station on his own. But sometimes he would get a bit confused if we had physically moved him, so he couldn’t find his charging station without some help. Luckily, there’s also a manual control setting on the remote that allows for easy course correction. Compared to the competition, we were impressed by everything the Rydis could do, especially when you consider the price of machines that only vacuum and conventional vacuum mops that require some scrubbing labor but still make you do a second or third pass to wipe up what it didn’t get. And for the price, that makes the Rydis worth every penny — including the ones that it likely sucked up behind all of our furniture. 

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