Our Favorite Subscription Dopp Kits

subscription dopp kits
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The days of nursing the last drops of face moisturizer, and scraping down to the final dregs of deodorant, are over. Subscription kits send you bathroom staples—think hair care, face products, soaps and body wash, and deodorant—on a fixed schedule determined by the pace you use them; typically, boxes go out every month or two. Their contents are customizable, based on things like skin and hair type, how much time you spend on personal care, and scent preferences. Here are four boxes we’re excited to see arrive on our doorstep.

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1. Hawthorne

Price: $15 to $85; hawthorne.co

Frequency: Every other month

Products: Shampoo, conditioner, soap, deodorant, cologne, lotion

Why We Like It: A quiz determines products based on skin and hair type, as well as X factors like how sweaty you get and your profession. The concentrated formulas mean bottles last a while, and if you’re not wild about a scent (unusual, but it happens), the company will swap it.

2. Disco

Price: $32 to $78; letsdisco.co

Frequency: From six weeks to three months

Products: Five face items, body wash, deodorant

Why We Like It: The punchy, eucalyptus-scented products are gentle on the skin, which is especially good if you shave, since harsh chemicals can cause redness. The all-natural deodorant is effective, and the eye stick is particularly great for travelers who don’t want to look tired.

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3. Asystem

Price: $45; asystem.com

Frequency: Monthly

Products: Face cleanser, moisturizer, night cream

Why We Like It: With three all-natural items in the lineup, there are no decisions to make, so it’s nice if you’ve never thought much about skin care before now. The moisturizer has SPF, which is useful even in winter. If you’re not ready to commit to a subscription, you can get a one-off box for $55 and see how it goes.

4. Tiege Hanley

Price: $25 to $45; tiege.com

Frequency: Monthly

Products: Face wash, scrub, day and night moisturizers, eye cream, face serum

Why We Like It: These kits are idiot-proof. The box flap has instructions for exactly how much product to use. Stick to the script, and each of the products will tap out at the same time. There are three levels of skin care, as well as two acne systems, depending on what you need.

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