The Compact, Collapsible Floor Pump for Cyclists

Mj 618_348_specialized airtool compak pump
Courtesy Specialized

There is no convenient way to travel with a bicycle floor pump. Whether you’re flying to Hawaii for a week of bike touring or meeting your buddies for a Saturday morning group ride, a standard unit tends to get tangled and takes up more space than it should when you toss it in the trunk or your suitcase. That’s why Specialized created the Airtool Compak, a collapsible floor pump stored in a case the size of a baguette.

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When you’re ready to top off your tires, the Compak’s oversized handle releases from its storage spot on the side of the pump’s compact aluminum body with the press of a button. It clicks into proper position for pumping the same way. Two folding feet flip out so you can stabilize everything while you’re inflating. An inline pressure gauge in the pump’s hose indicates tire pressure — up to 200 psi or 13.9 bar. And if you have Presta valves but your fellow biker needs his Schrader aired up, too? No problem. The threaded head unscrews and switches from one to the other in seconds.

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We used this pump daily on a two-week bike tour through Java and Bali, plus mountain bike rides and races throughout the Northeast. It was as good as any other floor pump we’ve tried. And when we discovered a puncture, we used the hidden tire levers and patch kit — the Compak comes with both stashed in the handle — to get the rider back on the road. Not only is this pump great for travel, but it’s also ideal for cyclists who live with limited storage space. The case keeps pump grunge from getting other gear dirty. And when you’re back from your ride, easily store it in that closet you’ve been meaning to clean out for a while. But then again, you just might want to keep this one on you at all times. [$100;]

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