The Diesel Brothers’ Latest Masterpiece

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Discovery Channel

Heavy D and Diesel Dave, gear-head stars of Diesel Brothers on Discovery Channel, have made a living out of building epic aftermarket trucks — from The Mega Ram Runner to a monster Americana pickup for Chuck Norris called Truck Norris. If you were to choose a favorite from the dozens of builds they’ve done, you’d be hard-pressed. But their latest masterpiece — a hybrid Chevy-Cadillac behemoth built for Detroit Tigers’ star Miguel Cabrera — would be up there.

Done in collaboration with the MLB Network, the project was kept as a surprise to Cabrera, but the brothers had input from baseball analysts (and friends of Cabrera) Carlos Peña and Pedro Martinez. “The guys were able to create a beast, and exactly what Miguel was looking for,” says Peña. “This truck has immense power, as well as comfort and luxury.” The result is a truck that will not only make his teammates jealous, but one that Cabrera can drive back and forth to the offices of his charity, the Miguel Cabrera Foundation.

Heavy D fills us in on they did it. Check out the full episodes of Diesel Brothers here.

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The Inspiration

There was a lot of creative freedom through this whole process, so we went with our instincts on every choice. The MLB has a longstanding and amazing relationship with Chevy to begin with, so it only seemed natural that we would start off with a Chevy pick-up body. In the end we went with a 2016 Chevy 2500 Duramax HD. That was our blank canvas. There was a request for luxury, so obviously we thought of Cadillac from there, and decided to create the coolest hybrid you have ever seen. So we brought in a 2016 Cadillac Escalade ESV. This is what happens when a Cadillac and a pickup truck have a beautiful, beautiful child together.

The Specs

The Chevy Duramax comes with pretty serious specs from the get-go. For towing they are rated to do around 18,000 pounds. They have that diesel 6.6-liter from the factory, and just shy of 400 horsepower. From there we did a little more modification to up it just a bit more, to 450 horsepower.

The lift kit that we put on for this truck is probably one of the most technically advanced and best-looking ones in the world. There is a 14-inch lift. There are 40-inch tires put on 24-inch wheels that were custom forged for this vehicle. To be honest, we don’t use chrome on our vehicles very much, and we didn’t here. We used polished aluminum, which people think looks very similar, but it is completely different. It turned out amazing.

The Color

There is something so perfect about blacking out everything on this one, and with the Cadillac decal especially. It just takes it to this whole other level.

The Details

Put some custom triple-crown logos on there for Miggy, with the help of input from Carlos. The logo looks sick on the truck. There are probably only three of these conversions in the world. The result is a badass piece of machinery that we can all honestly say we wish we had one as well. 

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