The Do-It-All Smart Watch


There was a time when going for a run involved little more than lacing up some sneakers and hitting the road. Today’s tech-loving athlete, on the other hand, likely has a pre-run routine that would put an Arctic exploration to shame. GPS tracker? Watch? MP3 player? Heart-rate monitor . . . the list goes on. Enter the new Adidas miCoach Smart Run Watch, which does all of the above in one, sleek device so that once more, all you need to do is get out and hit the road or trail.

The Smart Run is easily one of the most comprehensive training gadgets we’ve seen (and we’ve seen a lot). The touchscreen watch can GPS-track your run, dish up an unholy amount of statistics, play your favorite tunes (though you’ll need some Bluetooth headphones), and sync over WiFi, but that’s just for starters. The companion miCoach website has stacks of customizable training routines you can download directly to the Smart Run, complete with animations to show exercise form. We especially enjoyed the voice coaching, again, via headphones. In fact, the only thing it won’t do is drag you out of bed in the morning. Though we’re pretty sure Adidas is working on that.