The Don’t-Lose-Your-Sunglasses Cord


We rarely go anywhere without our sunglasses. But after losing our sixth $150 pair in as many months, it was time for a change. The problem was, we didn’t have a good place to keep them when we weren’t wearing them. Putting the glasses up on our heads only worked with a few frame models, but then they would get tangled in our hair or make it look like we were wearing a headband. Hanging them off our collars worked the best, but sometimes they’d just fall out, at the very least scratching those fancy lenses we’d paid so dearly for or ending up on the bottom of a lake.

A recent trip to New York’s Museum of Modern Art design store introduced us to a solution. It’s called La LOOP, and its creators just started manufacturing a more male-oriented SportLoop that incorporates the same award-winning and patented design. A cross between a necklace and sunglass croakies, the Sportloop is made of durable stretch cord with a hinged loop in the center. The hinges on either side of the loop swivel 360 degrees, meaning that no matter what you’re doing, a pair of folded glasses fit easily and snuggly into the loop. They don’t fall off, are easily accessible, and always lie flat against our chests when we have them attached. In our experience, wearing the SportLoop around our neck is barely noticeable. When the sun goes down or when walking indoors, the SportLoop quickly switches from decorative to functional, keeping glasses safe and secure. In fact, we haven’t lost a pair of sunglasses since we started wearing La LOOP’s SportLoop. [$25;]

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