The Filtering Water Bottle for Any Adventure


When you find yourself off the beaten path, access to clean water isn’t always a quick option when you’ve used up all that’s left in your bottle. That’s where LifeStraw comes in. While their first public appearance had little to do with the adventure crowd — the company created a portable, reliable filter for third-world children to have access to drinkable water — they’re back with a bottle that makes it easier to get drinking water on the move with the LifeStraw Go. All you have to do is fill it and fasten the lid.

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As a water bottle, LifeStraw Go is great. BPA-free materials and a great seal mean your water is staying put. The fill line takes into account the large filtration straw, so you don’t have to eyeball it and can avoid making a mess if you’re using it in an office or at home. And as far as maintenance goes, the LifeStraw filter is good for 1,000 liters. 

During our tests with outdoor and indoor water sources, the only drawback to the straw and to all that filtration was the energy it took to get water out of the bottle. You have to give it a few pulls before you get anything — kind of like trying to siphon gas from a tank. Once you do, it tastes noticeably cleaner no matter where the water comes from — even if you’re using an office tap.

You can’t avoid the extra work, but LifeStraw went an extra step with the design to prevent some potential problems: Because your first impulse is to bite down to improve the seal and get water faster, the straw has a silicone bite cover at the tip, saving the straw — and your teeth — from some unwanted wear and tear.

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