The Flexible Charging Cable

Courtesy Fuse Chicken

Not every piece of gear has to be an expensive, high-tech masterpiece that took 150 engineers to design. Sometimes simple is better, and nothing embodies that as well as the Une Bobine.

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Terrible name aside, this flexible charging cable is a little wonder. It’s really just a cord housed in a soft metal tubing with a small stand at one end and a USB connector at the other. You can bend it any which way, and it retains its shape. That means while sitting at your desk, your phone can not only be plugged in and charging, but it can also be the mini-computer it was designed to be, sitting eye-level at your desktop or laptop computer’s side. When notifications and texts come in, you can see them clearly, read them quickly, and swipe them away. You can also make FaceTime or Skype calls and still have your hands free to continue working. The Bobine (that means “coil” in French) is also useful as a mini-tripod for taking photos, and a way to prop up your phone in the car for navigating.

For us, however, just simply using it as a stand for our iPhone while at our desk during the workday managed to make the same device we normally have charging under a pile of papers much more useful. And that’s a lot more than most gadgets that cost three times as much could ever say. [From $20;]

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