The Global Internet Radio

Mj 618_348_the global internet radio

It may sound anachronistic, but the British audio company Revo has managed to produce a lust-worthy radio. Although calling the SuperConnect a radio is a bit of a stretch. Sure this attractive tabletop component with a brushed aluminum face and wood case can tune in analog FM stations with the aid of its telescoping antennae, but the true magic happens when you quickly sync it to your home Wi-Fi network and it becomes a portal for streaming music from all over the world. Hip-hop from Malawi? We made it one of our six presets. Alternative rock from Sweden? Naturally. The bottom line: Surfing more than 16,000 radio stations across the globe is insanely addictive.

With the warm, rich sound quality and the plethora of available stations the Revo SuperConnect is already an attractive buy. But it also features Bluetooth streaming and it’s the first device to use the Spotify Connect function, which allows premium subscribers to the streaming service to send music directly to the Revo. The radio doesn’t even have to be turned on — simply walk in the house, toggle the source on the Spotify app and Revo will begin playing whatever you were listening to on your phone. It’s a nifty trick and just one of many reasons you’ll learn to love radio again. Approximately $399;

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