The Hottest Gaming Consoles of 2016? NES Classic and Sega Genesis, Clearly


The most popular gaming gift this year could be virtual reality headsets, massive multiplayer games, or… 8-bit?  Yes, Sega Genesis and Nintendo Classic are back just in time for the holidays.

At a fraction of the size of the original, the reinvented Nintendo Classic comes with 30 classic titles preloaded, as well as controllers for both ports. It’s HDMI-enabled and otherwise ready to play straight out of the box. 


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There are some downsides. For one, this console will not play your old cartridges, nor will it support you old controllers. Sorry guys: That original copy of Duck Hunt and the light guns aren’t going to work here. Instead, you get 30 games for $60 and don't even have to remember how to blow the cartridges clean. Nintendo Classic went on sale on November 11 and is already in backstock.

Next up, the Sega Genesis (also known as the Mega Drive) is coming back, too, though that release might fall short of Nintendo’s for a couple of reasons.


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First, it’s about $125 to purchase one, and it doesn’t come with HDMI (the current standard) for video signals. While they’ve added an SD card slot and some pre-loaded games to this reproduction of the 1989 console, extra controllers cost extra and there are questions to be answered about it supporting “most games.”

For now, international sales aren’t setup. That means if you want one of these, you might have to buy it from a distributor or look to sites like Amazon and eBay for second-hand sellers. 

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