The Inconspicuous Bluetooth Headset


Bluetooth headsets have a bad reputation. Perceived as both incredibly geeky and uncool – there’s even the term “Bluetooth douche” – the in-ear pieces have been relegated to the fringe, despite their usefulness. The second-generation Era headset from Jawbone, however, relieves a lot of the negative hype by virtue of being significantly smaller.
Even with its svelte figure, the Era has a wider, fuller sound than any headset we’ve tested. Calls sounded great, and built-in noise cancellation meant we didn’t have to look like we were yelling to ourselves on noisy streets. Siri and Google Now compatibility also allowed for on-the-go texting and quick voice web searches with a long press of the Talk button. Slipping the ERA in and out of the ear was also a less trying experience than with other headsets we’ve used.  But most importantly, the Era is just 1.83-inches long, less than an inch wide, and sticks out only about half an inch from your face. It’s easy to see just how handy Bluetooth headsets are for commuters, bikers, multi-taskers – especially when no one knows they’re wearing one. [$130;]