The Keurig that Can Brew a Whole Pot of Coffee

Mj 618_348_the keurig that can brew a whole pot of coffee
Courtesy Keurig

Keurig makes brewing coffee simple. And now, they’ve gone beyond the cup with a pot system using the same great technology that made preparing a single cup so quick and painless.

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The machine can still brew individual cups of coffee, and you can still use the standard K-Cups you bought. Using a redesigned insert, it can now hold larger carafe cups, too. The tray that catches drippings easily slides out, and the 4-cup carafe docks into the machine. With the K550, we switched between cup and carafe, with no spills or leaks to clean up in between. While we were hesitant to trust the quality of the accessories, the carafe, which is sold separately, cleaned and poured hassle-free, didn’t leak, and after an hour, our coffee was still piping hot — an impressive accomplishment considering the pot has no heating element.

Our favorite part about the new Keurig is that — if you have housemates — it’s easy for one person to get their mug of dark roast in before work without having to wait for the other person to brew an entire pot of flavored coffee. The machine’s 80-ounce reservoir holds enough water for two carafes, and a couple of cups beyond that. As for the coffee: Keurig already offers hundreds of beverages and mix-and-match packages. Combined with the 2.0, you always have a consistent cup each time. The carafe cups cost about $1 each, which isn’t all that far off from the smaller versions.

The bottom line: The carafe satisfies your coffee needs, especially for daily household or office use, for high-volume times like the holidays when guests are in town, or just for the guy who drinks more than a cup a day. [$200;]

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