The Last Bath Towel We’ll Ever Need


“Onsen” is the Japanese word for hot spring. And Japanese grooming and home products are renowned for valuing quality and efficiency over cheap production. So it’s only fitting that the finest bath towel we’ve ever tried offers not just supreme softness but fast drying — not just of the water on your skin but the moisture retained after use.

What does that mean to you? It’s simple: No more musty shower towels!

Onsen towels are made from extra-long Supima cotton fiber that gets softer with every wash. And they’re made into a particular waffle weave that’s designed to dry quickly. So not only are Onsen towels super soft and efficient, they breathe extraordinarily well, allowing the towel to dry rapidly once you’ve thrown it over the shower rod on tossed it onto a hook (or, admit it, a doorknob). It’s no wonder the company’s founders mustered more than $2M in crowdfunding before they even made it to market.

Turns out, guys also value efficiency and quality. That’s why our friends at Huckberry started stocking Onsen towels — and right now there’s a big sale on all Onsen products at Huckberry. All this week through Sunday, you can get huge savings on a la carte towels or complete sets, either normal sized or ultra-large bath sheets (our favorite).

In addition to being efficient at drying and exquisitely produced, Onsens aren’t “pretty” — you won’t find any dumb prints or polarizing colors or patterns here. They come in white or grey, which as we all know is the ideal color for towels as they won’t show dirt and will match any décor currently adorning your loo.

So get over to Huckberry before Sunday, and upgrade your bathroom by treating yourself to the best bath sheet you’ll ever use. You can thank us later.

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