The Malo’o DryRack is the Solution to Keeping Your Outdoor Gear Fresh and Dry

We’ve all been there: You get out of the water or off of the hill, undress from your gear and toss the wet (or sweaty) articles into the trunk of the car. Then, a few days later, you pop the trunk open only to be greeted with a punch in the face by mildew-salty-musky funkiness.

We can certainly empathize. It happens to the best of us. We understand that draping a drenched salty wetsuit over your rearview mirror isn’t doing the paint on your car any favors. And we totally get that just tossing aside your soiled gear onto the ground, to be addressed later, may sound like the simplest and easiest solution (with the exception of having to deal with the grime and dirt that like to travel home with you).

This was definitely where our head was at, until we found the Malo’o DryRack ($44).

In the parking lot after a long surf, the Malo’o DryRack kept our gear nice and clean. Photo: Jon Perino

“The portable DryRack is perfect for drying your wetsuit, towels or outdoor gear while you are at the beach, office or on the road,” states the brand on their website. “No more smelly wetsuits or gear in the back of the car waiting until you get home or hung on anything available. The Malo’o DryRack protects your items while allowing them to dry. So the next time your gear is wet, don’t throw or dump … hang it!”

Why We Chose It

Malo’o are the only ones we’ve seen that are making anything like this. It’s a straightforward idea, with minimal design, and the concept is clutch to have for your day-to-day adventures. For so long, we’d just slung our wetsuits over the rear-view mirror or laid them flat on the hood of the car or on the ground after our sessions, without even thinking about the damage that will do to the paint of the car or the wetsuit itself. When we got wind of an extremely simple solution, the decision to try it out was a no-brainer.

The campsite is the perfect spot for the DryRack. Photo: Courtesy of Malo’o

Why We Liked It

There really isn’t anything not to like about the Malo’o DryRack. It functions precisely as it should, and it folds up nice and compact when you’re done with it. The DryRack doesn’t require any installation or hardware, and it protects your gear from harmful outdoor elements. It also has padded arms and soft rubber points where it makes contact with your car, so it will not cause any damage to the paint.

It does one thing, and does that one thing very well. It’s kind of like when you used to turn on your hose and shove your thumb into the end of it to water the plants. You did this for years until you finally splurged and got yourself a plastic hose nozzle (one with multiple spray patterns), and your life was never the same again (at least not when doing yard work). The point being is this: It’s a very nifty little gadget that makes your trips to the beach, the mountains, the desert, or anywhere in-between, that much more pleasant.

Keeping your wetsuit out of the dirt is key to its longevity. Photo: Courtesy of Malo’o

Tester Tip

Don’t forget it when you drive off. It really is such a sleek and compact piece of gear, that when we hung it up on the passenger-side mirror, we actually had to stop halfway out of the parking lot because we forgot to pull it in with our trunks and wetsuit jacket still dangling outside. Mind you, this was our first time using it, so the mistake will likely not happen again.

This is such a great little gift for any outdoorsy person in your life. It certainly is one of those things that you never really knew you needed, until you get one.

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