The Misfit Flash: A More Intuitive Fitness Tracker

Mj 618_348_the intuitive fitness tracker
Courtesy Misfit

A good fitness tracker graphs data accurately and intuitively, is unobtrusive yet striking, and is reasonably priced. While many trackers have additional bells and whistles, they often struggle to meet these initial criteria. The Misfit Flash meets all three with ease.

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The silver dollar-sized tracker slips into the included plastic wristband or clip. A short press of the matte face activates an LED dot display to reveal your progress toward your daily fitness goal (which you input in the included phone app). After indicating your progress, the device shows the current time — an unblinking red dot denotes the hour and a blinking dot indicates the minute. And the display is minimalist and quite handsome, available in seven colors. One gripe: The plastic wristband isn’t as soft as the silicone bands used in other trackers, though it doesn’t attract as much lint as silicone.

The Misfit Flash system won’t blow your mind with extra perks, but it executes everything as efficiently as you’d expect it to. It transmits data via Bluetooth to an intuitive phone app, which reveals number of steps, calories burned, distance traveled, as well as the quality and duration of your sleep. You can set daily fitness goals, and the app will make suggestions on how long you need to run, walk, or swim in order to meet those goals. A long press on the face of the device indicates that you are about to work out. Prior to training, you can select which type of activity you are about to do — tennis, running, cycling — for more accurate measurements. The tracker sends data to the app, which then makes a graph to reveal your progress in daily and weekly periods. A photo food journal also makes it easy to review your diet, and unlike other trackers, the Misfit Flash is water resistant up to 30m and measures athletic output while swimming. It’s also about half the price of comparable products. [$50;]

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