The Moldable Glue Perfect for Quick Gear Repairs

Courtesy Sugru

What It Is: This household fixer is a malleable adhesive that feels like Silly Putty, but hardens into a rubber-like material after about 30 minutes.

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Why We Like It: This stuff is surprisingly handy. In less than a week, we turned to it to help rehab two pieces of gear that looked like they were headed for the landfill. For the first fix, we filled some Sugru — easy to mold right out of the package — into a hole on a bicycle seat where we’d lost a rubber gasket. Any other adhesive wouldn’t have done the trick, because what we really needed was material that was “sticky,” but also has some bounce to recreate the missing gasket. The Sugru quick fix has held up perfectly during the 70 or so miles we’ve ridden since. The second use is a bit more universal: When charging cables fray, they’re usually done. With Sugru, you can reinforce a cord whenever you see the first sign of wear. We molded it around a Lightning cord, and when it dried, the result was like a thicker, better-reinforced version of the same iPhone cable. Sugru comes in packs of 8 “servings” (each is done after a single use), and there are eight new colors that can help match just about anything that needs fixing.

Nitpick: It’s a lot less messy than standard glues, but we did find after molding with Sugru for a while that it left a residue on our hands that wasn’t easy to get off.


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