The Most Comfortable Headphones for Bass Lovers

Courtesy Phiaton

What It Is: High-end, over-the-ear headphones with a strong emphasis on bass. The triangular ear cups fold for travel, and it comes with a leather carrying pouch, plus two detachable cables — one with an inline microphone for calls, and one without.

Why We Like It: We had high hopes for these headphones when we first tested them in 2013. And they were fine — excellent bass, decent overall sound — but didn’t justify their $300 price tag (they’ve come down in price since then). But what fools we were. More than 18 months later, without realizing it, we’ve fallen in love.

Sure, we’ve tried more attractive models such as Master & Dynamic’s MH30 on-ear, Parrot’s Zik 2.0, and many others that have come along since Phiaton released the Bridge, but those were flings, by comparison. The Bridge MS 500 remain our favorite for two reasons: durability and comfort. We’re brutal with our headphones, regularly stomping on them while getting out of bed, falling asleep watching Netflix with one earcup smashed into the pillow, and generally wearing them at all hours. These headphones survived what others didn’t, showing no sign of wear in the materials, or in the articulating components. And maybe just as important is the genuinely pillowy texture of the leather cups, and the positioning of the wide, leather-wrapped headband. These are, hands down, the most comfortable headphones we’ve worn. 

Nitpick: These aren’t the best-sounding option on the market — they’re great, particularly for bass lovers, they’re just not quite up to par with similar-priced competitors. But if you wear your headphones all day, and sometimes all night, like the damn things are grafted to your head, this is the best pair anywhere.


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