The Most Feature-Heavy Backpack Ever… Coming Soon?


What would be on the list for your ideal backpack? Would you be into a charging port? Maybe room for a bunch of photography equipment? A card holder? A luggage belt?

Well the new Udee backpack is going to hit Kickstarter in two weeks, and it has every potential perk you can dream up and more. We’ve come a long way, guys, and I think we can officially call this the Swiss Army Backpack. Its 19-entry long would-be feature list includes…

A charging port

An earphone port

An Anti-theft system

A safety LED light

Weight reduction capabilities

A portable cooler

A photography bag

Water protection

A phone pocket

A power bank pocket

A notebook pocket

A pen pocket

A passport/cards holder

A carabiner

A safety reflective stripe

A security pocket

A luggage belt

Expandable insular volume

And 25 pounds worth of storage capacity just for fun.

That’s a lot of stuff! We have no idea if the Udee backpack will follow through on everything, but we do know it’ll retail for $299 if it’s fully funded. We’ve posted one of the sample images they’ve sent along. This certainly seems like a worthy investment — if America devolves into a horrible nomadic hunter-gatherer nightmare in the wake of, well, you know.

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