The Nokia T20 Tablet is a Perfect Back to School Gift

Nokia T20 Tablet

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There’s a lot you need to kid for the kids before they head back to school. Clothes mostly, but there are other things too. School supplies that’ll make the school year much easier on them. And since this is the 21st century, you should probably get them something like the Nokia T20 Tablet so they can do their school work wherever they want.

Instead of simply getting them a computer that they have to sit at all day long, you can get them this Nokia T20 Tablet. That way anywhere in the house can be a workstation. Hell, anywhere in the world can be a workstation when you get this wonderful little gadget. And it’ll be easy to get your work done on this.

Nokia T20 Tablet

The Nokia T20 Tablet is a great tablet and we know because we got one ourselves. And it’s a really compact, sleek item that looks pretty great. But we don’t care how good it looks. We care how it runs and how easy it is to use. Luckily, this thing runs as smooth as butter and the UI is incredibly intuitive to use with the touchscreen.

Here, you get 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of storage memory. That’s plenty to make this thing run smoothly while school work is being done. The screen is a gorgeous 2K resolution to make working on anything easy on the eyes. It’s incredibly durable with a battery that can last up to 15 hours. It’s quite the package for anyone looking to add to their work life.

Picking up the Nokia T20 Tablet is a pretty smart move for anyone, be it those looking to get their kids something before they head back to school or for themselves to make working from home so much easier. So head on over to Nokia right now and pick one of these up while the getting is good.

Get It: Pick up the Nokia T20 Tablet ($200; was $250) at Nokia

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