The North Face’s ‘The One Bag’ Is the Ultimate Modular Sleeping Bag

Never. Leaving.

You know that feeling.

The fire is out, gone are those warm summer nights camping, and the freezing air temperature starts to rattle your bones. No other option besides getting into your sleeping bag sounds appealing, hoping it’s going to warm your soul, maybe add some dexterity back to your hands. It does its job until 2 a.m rolls around – your face is fully burrowed inside the sleeping bag, hood pulled down to trap in every molecule of warm air. Double-layered, sock-cushioned toes rubbing against each other. You wake up from your disjointed slumber, sheets of light frost and maybe a little ice lining the cover of your sleeping bag … but I digress.

You know that feeling: When your sleeping bag just doesn’t quite do the trick.

Brisk mornings accompanied by a cup of joe and views of Mt. Whitney.

A recent trip with a friend to the Eastern Sierras prompted me to look into new sleeping bag options to combat the reoccurring thermoregulation issues of either being too hot or too cold. The Sierras during shoulder season are notorious for unpredictable weather patterns; one night will be in the single digits and the next might be in the 50s. Having a bag that can be used for either car camping or backpacking, and can also adapt to a variety of temperatures is key, which is what drew me to The North Face’s ‘The One Bag’.

Cool, warm, and warmer.

The bag was created with an ingenious system of incorporating interchangeable layers so that it can be tailored to suit your needs for various temperatures. The bag can be configured for three different climates: For milder nights, zipping just the outer layer is sufficient to keep you warm in temperatures of 40ºF or warmer. Utilizing just the inner layer is intended for nights 20ºF or warmer, and combining both layers creates a winter-focused bag that’s suitable for temps down to 5ºF.

One bag for all seasons.

As expected, temperatures reliably oscillated between hot and cold at our various campsites. But this time, the temperature in my bag remained stable. Having a good night’s sleep really does make all the difference, especially when it’s followed by a physically demanding day starting in the wee hours of the morning.

All packed up and ready to go.

One additional thing I loved about this bag was the weight and compressibility considering the multiple layers. The One Bag can be made compact and taken backpacking without adding too much weight, clocking in at 3 pounds, 12 ounces for the standard size bag. Not quite as lightweight as some of the top-tier bags, but worth every ounce.

For those looking for a versatile, comfortable, and easily adjustable sleeping bag, look no further. You can find The One Bag here.

Warmth and comfort can look a little something like this…

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